Surfing & Accommodation Packages

Here’s a couple of surfing packages that will help you get the maximum amount of surf time in at the right location with out having to think about a thing. Not to mention having your own photographer included in the deal, too easy. They can be done for any amount of days, that’s up to you it is your holiday right. And we will find the waves that you’re looking for, all level of surfers are welcome and where ever possible we will help you improve your surfing to the next level. We also have a few not so well know surfing locations for you up our sleeves to help get away from the crowds

1/ For the surfers that just want nothing more than a safe and secure surfing / accommodation deal. I do mean getting up each morning with just the sole thought of surfing the best waves that Bali has to offer, nothing else to think about. Located in Tuban just a lazy 10 minute walk down to the Outer Reefs (Kuta Reef to Airport Left), perfect for a late afternoon surf. Private air conditioned bedroom, lounge area with TV, DVD. Starting the day off with a solid breakfast of banana pancakes or egg’s tomato with toast, Tea / coffee, free flow clean drinking water available anytime for guests. Depending on swell, tide and wind conditions choosing one (at a time) of Bali’s best surfing locations for our session. Taking our time, no problem with a second surf before a lazy lunch on location (not included). Then heading back to Home Base (normally around 6 hours out on surf trips per day) and a free afternoon for another surf or maybe a massage and cold bintang beer before heading out for dinner (not included).


DAILY SURF TRIPS to different locations all over Bali

PHOTOGRAPHER TO CAPTURE ALL YOUR PHOTOS (INCLUDED) from every location we surf at !!

FREE SURFBOARD RENTAL for 3 days or more stay

This package can be broken down into individual days, it’s up to you, minimum 1 surfer, maximum 5

Total Cost for 1 surfer per day / night is Rp650,000. per day

Total Cost for groups of 2 or more surfers is  Rp500,000 per day per surfer

Ok so if this sounds just like what you are looking for hit this contact link and make a reservation. Limited numbers available and it’s always first in first served.

2/ For the people who want their little extra luxury of choosing and sleeping in a hotel or resort but still want to be on the ball when it comes to surfing and being in the right place at the right time, this is the package for you and your friends. Be picked up each morning in a comfortable new car and taken to a practically new surfing location each day to suit, according to wind, swell & tide. Taking our time to make sure we get plenty of waves, normally two surf sessions per day. With every wave you catch being recorded by a professional photographer, which is also included in the price of this package. Then after a memorable day surfing all over Bali being dropped off back at your hotel to enjoy the rest of the day. No thinking about where or when to surf, while getting to see some of the great locations here in Bali, too easy.

This package can also be broken down into individual days, it’s up to you, minimum 2 surfer

NB: Your Hotel of choice should be located between Jimbaran Bay to Legian.

Total Cost for 1 surfer is Rp550,000. per day per surfer including all your surfing photos. 2 or more surfers the price is Rp450,000 per surfer

Ok so if this sounds just like what you are looking for hit this contact link and make a reservation. Limited numbers available and it’s always first in first served.

We also offer big clean air conditioned and fan cooled rooms starting from Rp135,000 per night, just contact us for more info.

email;               [email protected]

Phone;              +628123982325

Whats app;    +628123982325


From: Neil
Email: [email protected]
G’day Slim, Firstly just wanna say thanks for a good surf trip and your hospitality. Good times in and out of the water is the key for a good trip and critta and I had plenty of laughs and waves and hope to head back again to stay with you guys.
On another note a friend of mine works for the West Australian which is the state newspaper and she wants to do an article on surfing in bali over the last 20 years and I mentioned you and she is keen to have your input in to an article she is hoping to do.
Would you be interested in answering a few questions about surfing now and how it was 20 years ago?

Hey Slim,
We arrived back in oz safely and back to reality (unfortunately).
Thank you so much for your hospitality, Troy and I had a blast finding the waves and getting some nice ones with you.
The photos you took for us look great!
Thanks again I’ll definitely be keen to visit again and will highly recommend your service.
Cheers Mate!!
[email protected]

hi Slim, how are you. just went through all the photos senf*****sational. Darcy hasn’t stopped talking about it. on behalf of both of us thanks for making trip just what we where looking for and more, thank you and your beautiful beautiful family for your hospitality. say hi to that mad kiwi Simon hoping he’s getting plenty of waves. regards to you and your family. definitely keep in touch.
Lyal & Darcy. Australia.

Salamat Pagi Pak Slim. I had to add a final farewell after our fabulous 6 day surfing tour of Bali. Many thanks for your great service and friendship. You picked THE spot to go everyday and scored everything from double overhead Keramas to fun filled shoulder height endless walls at Uluwatu. It was great pulling into a new surf spot every day and having a warm welcome from your local friends. I am sure we solved many of the world’s problems over our last 5 or 6 beers at the sunset
bar, unfortunately for the world I didn’t take any notes and can’t remember much!!!!
Dakka, Badgie and I will be back. Take care, Lenny. / Australia

Hey slim great work on your site I been to Bali three times this year and your site is my bible ! Sad to hear of the thieves in car parks that’s super upsetting but I am coming again in a few weeks and keen to give a board to one of the local kids let me know how to get it to you cheers and keep up the great work.

Sick, I always look at your reports! Makes me feel like I’m here when I’m not. Last trip it was my goal to get one photo on Bali waves in 5 months. Managed it! ha. Good job on the photos it’s cool.
Guy Miller

I have a whole Guest Book of comments if you need to see more 🙂



  1. Chris piggott says

    Hey slim
    made it home ok. I will sort that phone out for you asap. Forward me your postal address and I’ll get some double dragons over to you.

    Had a great time mate, please say thank you to your family for having us.

    Will definantly come back as soon as I can


  2. Greg H says

    Those new packages you have a well priced, even including all your photos, that’s insane. Couldn’t do it cheaper, I’m in for sure on my next trip.

  3. says

    Hi Mate glad to hear you actually made the flight… this time 🙂

    Thanks again for a great week and for helping out, much appreciated Chris. Mate can you send me an email through the contact list and I’ll fill you in,

    Thanks again

  4. mike standing says

    I am in bali. Would like to hire you guys. I do not have a phone that works and internet once a day. Do you have a phone #

  5. fance Morrell says

    heh guys we are coming to Bali with 3 kids that surf a good medium wave . we arrive 1 july for 9 days . they want to surf ..can you help ??>?

  6. Michael Gardner says

    I am in Bali July 11-14th staying in Tuban. Can you suggest board rental sevice in the area?

  7. Julian says

    Hi , arriving on sat13 August for 2 wks . Am interested in the packages if i can join a group , as am on my own ?


  8. Alina says

    Planning a surf trip for early September. Can you make hotel recommendations for other areas? Uluwatu/Padang, Sanur, Seminyak?

  9. justin hextall says

    hi slim staying at legian from 5th sept.would like to go surfing for aday trip .on my own can i join a group thanx justin

  10. Tyrone says

    How do I sign up? I will be there started the 17th of september through nov. Would like to sign up for a week how do i go about that?

  11. pete says

    hi you guys sound great my son and i live in perth both from nz ive lost the plot with surfing margs let alone city surf. U paint a pretty picture of bali, and so cheap! my son is so over surfing in WA and ready to go home, i want him to stay in this shit hole for trade reasons and this would be great for both of us! looking at xmas time 23 onwards!! regards pete

  12. David Johns says

    Hi Slim I found a smart taxi driver who short cut down the lane next to Ayu Nadi Supermarket to get me to the airport in time to board. When the check in Lady scoulded me for being late I answered that my tour giude was responsible. He was also responsible for sorting out that daily puzzle of where the surf is during change of season. Thanks for getting it right.
    and thanks for the photos

  13. Dave. says

    My late thanks on a memorable trip.Your house to stay with your family made it a true Bali surf trip.For anyone looking for the classic homestyle stay(Quiet,away from all the rush) with waves at numerous locale on Bali and go home with a golden disc of pics to view and remember forever.Priceless and a must for the True Surfer.Slim you got me booked next season.
    And my moment at the airport on departure was when an abrubt young Australian lass told me I couldnt smoke in the airport cafe.After a brief discussion between the cafe manager and I,he very politely informed the young lass that it was quite ok.I knew this as my Tour Guide had told me so.
    Thanks again Slim.

  14. David Lutz says


    Lutyz here from Newy, Me and a couple of mates are arriving on the 22nd and we would like to hire a guide and van for the day before we fly over to lombok for a week that night, do you know where to go or can you organise some thing for the day regards LUTZY

  15. Clive says

    Hi Slim, you seem like the ou to know. my family and i are coming to Bali from 3-17 Jan 2012. my wife and i are long-boarders are need assistance. please mail me so we can chat further. Thanks Clive

  16. tim ryan says

    hey slim , just wondering if you take any extra people on your epic little road trips, i am flying in tomorrow with the family and am keen to do a few day trips ,been to bali a few times but never surfed the east coast, what sort of $ would you charge for a day trip

  17. Bruce says

    G’day Slim, I will be coming over late April to the 15th of May and I am wondering if you can let me know if we can set up a package to take my mate and myself for a 4 day adventure. Maybe around 5th or 6th onwards.. Thanx Slim. Bruce

  18. Shelly says

    Hello Slim, Im interested in coming for a 2week surf experience in February. Could you please give me a quote on an all inclusive package best suited for me? Im an intermediate surfer.
    Thank you

  19. David williams says

    Hey slim
    Me and 3 other mates are coming to Bali on the 21-29 march and are interested in package 3 for the whole trip if it’s available?

  20. Aaron Baker says

    Hey Slim,i am coming to Bali on the 16th of March with my wife and baby daughter for a week,could you recommend anyone to take me on day trips.I am staying in Legian and would like to surf the east coast.Thanks Slim

  21. Mark Hill says

    hey Slim
    I am coming over on the 19th March (from Anna Bay) with my two boys (11 & 12)and are staying at sanur.if possible I would like some more info on package 1,talk soon.

  22. oliver says

    hey Slim,
    i’m coming to bali late june with my 3 and 11 yr old and my wife ,looking for a family friendly surf accom? im an intermediate surfer any info would be great.

  23. says

    Hi Oliver, if you can use our “contact” links on baliwaves I’ll be able to give you the run down

  24. Mark Hill says

    Hey Slim
    It’s Hilly here (scott’s & Lilly’s friend from the Anna bay), Will be over there on the 19th with my two boys.looking to surf & show the boys all well know spots & some new spots aswell waves.We are staying in Sanur,Heard there are some good waves on this side of the Island.

  25. Rick Novak says

    Howdy Jim! I didn’t make it to Bali last year due to the economy, but I’m missing it and thinking of returning in a couple months. Wondering if there’s been any noticeable decrease in the general crowd levels this year and last? (Not that that’s going to stop me! :>) Say “Hi!” to the wife, kids & crew for me. Cheers, Rick.

  26. Jacques van Wyk says

    Hi there Slim,

    We are from SA and is coming to Bali from the 14-28 Aug. We are going to Nusa Lembongan & Lombok & will be in Bali from the 22-28 Aug. Is it possible to structure one of your packages including the photographer for a 3-4 day period ? Looking forward to your response. Thank you.