Kuta Reef down to Uluwatu, 11th July 2011

11th July 2011
Howdy folks and thanks for dropping by the baliwaves (’99) for the greatest on today’s surfing and weather conditions. From the only surfing holiday destination that no matter how small the surf gets, it’s pretty much a certainty that Bali will still have a wave down at Uluwatu.

This mornings surf recon of the Outer Reefs was showing wave height to be still down in the 1-2ft range. No change from yesterday, except that the wind was a little bit stronger out of the NW. With the tide still just starting to fall off the top of a 2.1mtr High @ 6.00AM Airport Left was the easiest option. I also took another look around 6.30PM as we headed back to land. No change with wave height still in the 1-2ft range between Kuta Reef and Airport Left.

Even all the way up to Soka on Bali’s West Coast wave height pretty well didn’t exceed the waist to waist high plus range. No shortage of surfers from Brawa up to Canggu but with better surfing conditions and semi off-shore wind through the morning. The wind was a bit weird today starting off out of the North West through the early AM, then turning harder out of the West @ 11.30AM. Then back to the North West and finally the Tradewind kick in around 3.30PM out of the East South East.

Weather wise we had some heavy rain last night that carried on into the early hours of the morning. Mainly cloudy and overcast with some sunny patches.

Ok I did it pretty hard today for all day out in an open boat for only 6 GT’s and Queeny’s. But Ketut got the job done and nailed a few of the better waves that went down at Uluwatu just on the bottom of the Low tide around 12.30PM.

I’ve also still got the 99 strong June body boarding gallery, for those that care. Ketut and I were invited down to the RipCurl Padang Padang Cup 2011 opening ceremony yesterday and I’ve got another 90 or so photos of some of the happenings. They have a long waiting period for this contest of the “coveted cup” and I sure do hope Huey delivers the goods, It’s On When It’s On.

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  1. Ant says

    Hey there, im coming over to bali on the 15th of july, this friday and am coming with 3 other mates. Im gonna be the only one surfing out of us, and have been surfing in bali before only in the wet season at sanur and serangan. I was just wondering if there was any chance of negotiating on one of the packages, as im quiet comfortable riding around on a scooter looking for surf, but also wouldn’t mind getting picked up for a couple of days and being taken to spots i have never been to before. I was thinking a long the lines of a package where it is only 2-3 days of being picked up to go surfing, maybe 1 day on the boat. Please let me if there is any chance of negotiating something.

    Cheers Ant