Kuta Reef to Airport Left ++++, swell coming; 2nd August 2011

2nd August 2011
G’Day folks and welcome back to your baliwaves (’99) for the latest news on today’s surfing and weather conditions from here on the best value surfing holiday destination of Bali.

Well this morning’s 6.00AM surf check on the Outer Reefs was still only showing wave height in the 2-4ft range between Kuta Reef and Airport Left. Of course we were all hoping for our new swell to be already pouring through, but not just yet. It’s like the weather mere humans just can’t control the forces of nature. But I hung out down at the beach to see what would happen for another couple of hours, and slowly but surely wave height was growing. By 8.00AM Middle Reef had some solid double head high sets peeling off, with the promise of more to come. It’s just a shame we missed the early AM Low tide and the chance for RipCurl’s Padang Padang Cup to kick off.

Our man Ketut Pica has already hit the road this morning with camera equipment in tow, heading for a few different locations down on the Bukit. He should be back to Home Base Tuban by midday and the photos on line shortly there after.

Surfing conditions on the Outer Reefs were absolutely perfect with clean off shore wind coming out of the ESE @ 4-8knot. We can expect the Tradewind to kick in anytime soon and increase in strength through out the day.

Tidal info for today has us down for a 0.4mtr Low @ 6.00AM and then filling back in with a solid 2.4mtr High around midday. Then finishing off the day with another reef exposing 0.1mtr Low just before the sunset.

Weather wise out there this morning we have plenty of blue sky and more great beach / holiday conditions for the lucky ones already here enjoying all that Bali has on offer.
Currently right now @ 8.30AM the outside temperature is sitting on 26 degree’s Celsius and still climbing, Humidity on 74%. Wind direction has come around a little more and now straight out of the East @ 9knot.

Today’s G-Land surf report thanks to our friends over at the G-Land Surf Camp was calling wave height to be in the head to double head high range. With the best waves lining up from Kong’s all the way down to the Launching Pad. Clean off shore wind and everything shaping up for a great day of waves.

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Best Regards from Bali