Kuta Reef to Padang Padang, 17th August 2011

17th August 2011
Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by the baliwaves.com (’99) for today’s “1 click” run down on surfing an weather conditions from here on the always in season surfing holiday destination of Bali.

Well first up as I mentioned on this mornings TWITTER surf report there was a solid increase in wave height with head to almost triple head high waves breaking between Kuta Reef and Airport Left. At the time the tide was still running out so it was only Middle Reef that was kinda surfable and picking up the most size, and there was a handful of surfers out there. As the tide started pushing back Kuta Reef took over and was just about maxing out in the head to double head high range. Quite a few surfers in the water at KR, too many to get an accurate head count from the shore.

Surfing conditions were clean with the ESE – SE off shore Tradewind already kicking in early.

But hey as it shows in today’s 52 strong photo gallery Padang Padang was the place to be for some more serious waves. We never got down there until the start of the afternoon run out tide and as you most likely have already seen there was a few solid 6-6ft+ bombs coming through. Around 30 surfers in the line up with ultra smooth afternoon surfing conditions.

Weather wise today it’s been a mixture of scattered cloud cover and sun shine with a maximum midday temperature of 29 degree’s Celsius.

Tomorrow the swell prediction charts have a lot more in stall for us here in Bali with the real deal swell arriving some time tonight. So make sure you drop in again tomorrow evening as we’ll have another early morning photo session from Padang Padang plus some other stuff from over on the East Coast to load up.

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Best Regards from Bali