Outer Reefs of Tuban to Padang Padang, 8th August 2011

8th August 2011
****SURF UP DATE****
Howdy folks and thanks for calling by the baliwaves.com for the latest news on surfing and weather conditions from here on the best value for surfing holiday dollar destination of Bali.

Ok first up it’s been pretty hectic over the last couple of days, finally getting our new place up to scratch and all settled in. Yesterday you may have noticed my TWITTER  mobile surf up date calling in wave height to have jumped up into a solid but messy and un organized looking head to triple head high between Kuta Reef and Airport Left. But seeing as though I’d had a solid weekend of loading Bali surf photos, G-Land surf photos & Mentawai islands surf photos I thought I’d goof off and go fishing.

Not without having our man Ketut cover my back and hustle on down to Padang Padang for the running of the RipCurl Padang Padang Cup, finally. Like I said I was out chasing fish with my friend Gede Ondel in the rough conditions…. and loving it. So I can’t comment on the contest or the conditions it ran in, I’ll just let the photos do the talking. Please correct me if I’m wrong but apparently OAKLEY’S Team Rider Lee Wilson was the victor of the day.

I can tell you though from the birds eye view I had that there were some solid waves at all locations down on the southern end of the island. Especially as we rounded the “horn” we were going over 8ft swells. The best waves I saw were going un ridden at Nyang Nyangs, big right handers in the triple head high plus plus class.

Alright it’s just gone 6.00AM here in Bali and almost time for me to head down for another surf check. But I do know wave height was fading fast yesterday afternoon just before the sunset. Stay tuned as I’ll bring ya’s up to scratch via the TWITTER section on the baliwaves as soon as I know what it is.

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Best Regards from Bali