Strong Off shore wind @ Kuta Reef, 11th September 2011

11th September 2011
Hello to all you surfers tuning into the (’99) for the very latest news on surfing and weather conditions from here on the always “in season” surfing holiday destination of Bali.

Ok well seeing as though it’s 5.35PM on a Sunday afternoon I will be keeping this short and sweet. Nice waves here at home on the Outer Reefs today. Wave height between Kuta Reef and Airport Left was ranging between shoulder to almost double head high. Middle Reef of course picking up the bigger size. As it shows in today’s massive 82 strong photo gallery our crew chose Kuta Reef. We waited for the tide to peak and then start to run out, around 11.30AM. Pulling up in the channel the head count was at 21 surfers and by the time we packed it in there only 7 riders left, but the tide was emptying out pretty quick by 2.00PM. Stand out local surfer had to be Yuki with his insane sit down tube riding, on a 5’8″ retro twin fin.

Surfing conditions were testy as can be with the strong SE Tradewind hitting gusts of over 20 knots.

Weather wise mainly hot and sunny with a few clouds drifting by from time to time. Right now at 5.30PM the outside temperature is still a warm 27 degree’s Celsius, humidity on 79%. Wind direction is still coming out of the SE, hard at 21knot.

That’s me for today but we’ll be back out there some where again tomorrow trying our best to show you just how good it gets here in Bali.

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Best Regards from Bali



  1. paul fuller says

    great photos as usual great shots of scott and lil sure beats freezing bells all the best to you and your family