Outer Reefs Of Tuban to the Oakley Pro Junior @ Keramas 6th Oct ’11

6th October 2011
Hi crew and welcome back to the baliwaves (’99) for the absolute latest and by far the greatest news on today’s surfing and weather conditions from here on the friendliest of em all surfing holiday destination of Bali.

Kicking off this morning at 6.20AM with my first surf check on the Outer Reefs of Tuban to find still plenty of swell hitting between Kuta Reef and Airport Left. Wave height was in the chest to well over head class with the best waves breaking on Kuta Reef. With 15 surfers in the line up at the time.

Surfing conditions then were still resonably clean even though the wind was coming straight out of the South at 2-4knot and on shore. This was just before the rain started and lasted for a half an hour or so. My last check at 9.30AM had the wind now coming out of the WNW and increased to 4-7knot.

Looking for a wave the East Coast would be the place to be.

Tidal info for today has us down for a 0.8mtr Low @ 10.00Am and then pushing back in for with a 1.5mtr High around 4.30PM.

Weather wise we havn’t got off to a real good start with solid early morning cloud cover which eventually turned to rain. Currently right now at 10.00AM the outside temperature is sitting on a comfortable 25 degree’s Celsius with the humidity on 90%. Wind direction is NW at 7knot.

Today’s Photo Gallery was shot yesterday over at Keramas where the Oakley Pro Junior isĀ  currently still under way. You can see for yourslves that the young men that were competing in this very prestigous event were being fully tested to the max. Heavy conditions with solid waves, that’s what turns young surfers into champions. And a big thanks to the Team at Oakley for putting on the show.

A bit later on today I’ll also have another solid 100 strong photo gallery of Bingin that was captured yesterday in ultra perfect conditions thanks to our good friends at ESP located right in front of the action at “Julies Warung”. Stay tuned for those gems !

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Best Regards from Bali


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