SURFEARS – ear plugs that actually work

SURFEARS ear plug Road Test

Hi surfers and if you have been having trouble with water getting stuck inside your ear, and most of us do know what it’s like, not good. Then I have to recommend that you give these new SURFEARS ear plugs a try out.

How do I know ? I was lucky and got to try out a set of plugs for a road test, so to say. For starters I have personally had one ear “drilled out” from surfers ear a few years back, after struggling with ear infections and pain for around 30+ years. I used to fill my bad ear with Blu Tac poster putty so I could go surf, but could only bear closing off my worst ear. The operation really did wonders and such a relief of everything and now I want to keep protecting them and lucky to have tried these ear plugs from SURFEARS. I can put both plugs in and they stay in, not letting anything but sound in. 10 out of 10.

Check out their website and do your self a big favor



  1. Nikko says

    I got the exact same ones…
    Take a bit of getting used too but they do work.
    Better than getting constant infections especially during the rainy season.
    I rate them, they do seems to be the best ones on the market.
    Besides, I have run out of blue tact too..:-)

  2. Jez says

    Good to see you got your hands on these. I have upgraded to the new ones and they are even better than the old version.
    Hopefully they will keep my exotoses to 50% closed……..and I won’t need the op.