More energy in the ocean today, 8th February 2017

8th February 2017
Hello surfers and welcome back to the baliwaves (filling the gap between you and Bali since 1999) for our latest news and best views on surfing and weather conditions from here on the World’s No.1 tropical surfing holiday destination, Bali.

We were up early again and on our way over to the East Coast this morning. And as it shows in today’s photo gallery wave height had co operated with a nice little boost in wave height. The wind was light and variable at first making the waves a bit wonky, but when the off shore wind kicked in it did tidy up some. Wave height was mostly in the 3-4ft class but as usual I did get a few 5 footers on the head.

Weather wise it’s also been another mostly hot and sunny day here in bali, there has been some cloud moving through and probably some rain happening some where on the island.

Ok tomorrows another day and we are on a roll, so hopefully there will still be a few waves around for us. Stay tuned to the baliwaves for more random up dates.

We have made the draw for all concerned and I’m sure the winners are going to be grinners. Thanks for everyone who chipped in and it won’t be long and we will be using some new camera equipment as well.

1st  Place – 6’9″ Diverse surfboard   Todd Paris

2nd Place – 6’0” Diverse Surfboard  James Morrison

3rd Place – 4 days in Joyo’s G-Land Surf Camp  Mick Johnson

4th Place – 7 day surf and stay with baliwaves  Gorden Black

5th Place – 7 days private house over looking the waves at Balian  Robert Ford

I’ll send out emails to these lucky ones asap and once again a BIG THANK YOU to you 80 or so legends who helped out supporting

While your here make sure you check out all our sponsors / advertisers and help us by supporting them as well, thanks again for dropping into the baliwaves

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You’ll also find up dates on our (baliwaves) Facebook page and twitter (balisurfreport and baliwaves) & instagram (@baliwaves) so get on it !

Feel free to contact us via email about your next trip to Bali and we might just be able to help make it run a little smoother for you.

Best Regards from Bali


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