10 Cheap Holiday Gifts For Surfers

The Holiday Season is approaching and you are left with the daunting task of buying a gift for a surfer. So what’s out there? A new board? A wetsuit? Unfortunately with surfing the main tools of the trade are subjective to the particular surfer and lets face it, pretty damn expensive! Lucky for you there is an array of cheap and useful products out there that will please and even surprise the keenest of water-folk. What’s even more lucky for you is that we’ve gone and compiled a list of potential gifts for surfers of any age and skill level, ranging in purpose, all available for under $100! And unlike a new board, they will all fit under the tree.

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1. Ding All Standard Repair Kit – UD$11.30
The bane of any surfers existence is board dings. No matter how well you surf, they are almost certain to appear in one way or another. The Ding All standard repair kit is a simple and practical means of repairing those pesky dings in your own garage. The kit comes with 2oz. resin, hardener, fiberglass cloth, 2 grade sanding sponge, mixing sticks and cup, cover sheets and instructions to help you along the way.

Ding All

Buy Ding All Standard Repair Kit 

2. Naked Surf Aluminium Surfboard Display Rack – UD$29.99
This is one of those underrated gifts that may not seem very exciting at first, but the practicality alone makes this an essential for any surfer. Plus it looks great! The folks at StoreYourBoard bring you the Naked Surf aluminium surfboard display rack. With its 100% 5052 Aluminium construction, this rack is durable enough to meet all your storage needs and will never rust, scratch easily or leave fingerprints. Comprised of two arms, you are able to adjust the width to comply with the size of any board. Also available in Matte Black.

Naked Surf

Buy Naked Surf Aluminium Surfboard Display Rack

3. Distant Shores by Chris Burkard – UD$25.46
It is a known fact that surfers love exploration. And this photography book from award-winning global surf photographer Chris Burkard is packed full of adventures that you could only dream of. Burkard, who is also a staff photographer for Surfer magazine, has spent the last 8 years travelling the globe seeking out remote surf in the most wild, remote, and rugged conditions in the world, establishing himself as an industry leader and somewhat of a pioneer. Distant Shores includes inspiring surfing images from the most desolate ends of the earth including Iceland, Norway and Alaska.


Buy Distant Shores

4. Lion Lock 1500 Key Storage Lock Box – UD$18.99
Nervously hiding keys under tyres or in the sand is a thing of the past with this combination key storage lock box, which is the perfect gift for pretty much any surfer with a set of wheels. This mini-safe will not rust, allows you to conveniently create a combination of your choosing and can be attached to basically any vehicle.

lion lock

Buy Lion Lock 1500 Key Storage Lock Box

5. Salt Creek Palmboards -The Classic Palmboard – UD$39.95
Not all waves a surfboard friendly. This is why palmboards are the perfect tool to maximise time in the ocean and allow for the exploration of breaks that may be unrideable with a board. Bodysurfing is back on the rise and the shaping of these palmboards is becoming ever so intricate in order to meet the demands of those partaking in what is the most ancient (and arguably purest) form of wave riding. The Californian shaped Salt Creek Palmboards ‘Classic’ is sleek and compact allowing the swimmer to stroke into a wave with ease. Each setup comes with one palmboard, two hand-straps (small and large), and a wrist-leash; all of which are created from industry-proven sustainable materials. The perfect gift for any true water-person.


Buy Salt Creek Palmboards -The Classic Palmboard

6. Roxy USB Flashdrive – UD$9.50
Action Sport Drives have teamed up with Roxy for this limited edition USB flashdrive that holds up to 16GB. This is the perfect stocking filler that will allow the surfer to take their love of the waves to school or the office. (Also available in Quiksilver)

Roxy USB

Buy Roxy USB Flashdrive

7. M Essentials Wetsuit Shampoo – UD$8.98
Say goodbye to that funky wetsuit smell and prolong the life of that expensive neoprene with the M Essentials wetsuit shampoo. This unique solution works fast to remove organic residues like algae and bacteria, as well as salt and chlorine particles, leaving your wetsuit looking, feeling and smelling as good as new after every wash.

wetsuit shampoo

Buy M Essentials Wetsuit Shampoo

8. Pickle Wax Remover – UD$9.98
Removing wax from the surface of a board could quite possibly be one of the most painfully frustrating tasks involved with surfing. The pickle wax remover has changed this tradition by offering a fun, thorough and easy way to make any surfboard look new again, suitable for use with all finishes and all types of surf wax.


Buy Pickle Wax Remover

9. Surfer Magazine Subscription – UD$6.74
Those who live and breathe surfing would be no strangers to Surfer magazine. Founded in 1960, Surfer has remained at the forefront of Surf publications offering an exclusive insight into the world of surf. Each issue is jam packed full of spectacular award-winning photos, provocative interviews with the leading pros, journeys to the coolest undiscovered surf spots and everything else to fill your hunger for the waves. This 12 month digital subscription offers all 12 monthly issues of the mag, the Annual Oversized Issue, the Buyer’s Guide, and the Hot 100 Issue featuring the world’s best new surfers.


Buy Surfer Magazine Subscription

10. FCS Poncho – $56.98
Never again will a mishap in towel positioning result in the accidental exposing of oneself to fellow beach goers while trying to change into a wetsuit. The FCS Poncho is a plush towel poncho that makes changing in public places comfortable and easy. With lots of room to manoeuvre, this poncho will suit surfers of all shapes and sizes.


Buy FCS Poncho

But just in case you do feel like spoiling your surfer, it would be impossible to go wrong with the best selling action sports camera in the world…

BONUS. GoPro Hero 4 Silver – UD$399.99
You would have to have been living under a rock not to know about the GoPro personal action camera products. Surfers around the globe are capturing their sessions on GoPro’s every day and lucky for you, the company has just released their latest model; the Hero 4 Silver just in time for Christmas. Coincidence right? The Hero 4 Silver is the first-ever GoPro to feature a built-in touch display, meaning you can control the camera, frame shots and play back clips all on a touch screen. It captures 1080p60 and 720p120 video with lifelike clarity, plus 12MP photos at 30 frames per second and is waterproof up to 131 feet. Stacked full of new features aimed at enhancing the GoPro experience, the Hero 4 Silver is undoubtedly going to be a frequent on wish lists this year.


Buy GoPro Hero 4 Silver

We hope you find this list and our suggestions helpful, and we wish you the merriest and happiest Holiday Season!


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