Impossibles Surfcam

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Backyard view from Suara Ombak Cottages


  1. Jack says

    Well done guys on some progressive moves at Baliwaves. Anyone who thinks Impossibles is a secret spot or that one camera will destroy Bali has got no idea about a) surfing, and b) the state of Bali. Keep going boys, stick to the super well-known spots though, I suggest a maximum of four on the island to largely serve as realtime swell and wind indicators…. but please you have to leave some mystery in it so don’t go overboard. Great stuff.

  2. Joel Fitzpatrick-Gibbons says

    Good to see it doesn’t update much! I give it a month before it breaks down!

  3. pops says

    Notice no one on any of the shots for today 17th. Its not called impossables for nothing. Need a cam at kuta lefts and that should do, it will give enough onfo for the general area for the punter to know.When the west swells run big trains its hot as you could handle and makeable . Happy viewing.

  4. Stu says

    Only called impossibles cause it looks impossible. Awesome if you just have a go. Great to watch while sitting at my freakin desk.

  5. Cangguru says

    Thanks for keeping up with times Slim and for all your work over the years, but why Impossible’s? I know we all check it from the bridge on a bukit mission, but its either breaking or not. Ulu’s shows a way better range, always has guys on it, has ten cameras on it at any time, and there would be no whinging from the “don’t show my ultra secret spot that’s in a hundred guidebooks and websites” crew.

  6. Tim Ouseley says

    Epic feed from the surf cam Slim. Don’t listen to the eggs about location. This veiw rocks!

  7. Sanur says

    I think the webcam is great Slim.
    I live in Sanur but I love to surf the Bukit. This webcam gives me a pretty good indicator of what the swell is doing in the Bukit area before I commit myself to the long and rage-inducing drive down there (thanks to the traffic).

  8. UK Chapee says

    This is awesome, one of the waves i enjoy surfing the most and now i get to see it in motion. Makes me want to head back out to Indo even more now. **** it! im going to book a ticket, will be back there in a few months. Just need to get a crew to come out with me, see which of the boyz are up for a few weeks getting trashed on poppies.

  9. UK Chapee says

    Well said slim and thanks for saying all viewers are premium to you, nice touch.

  10. Nikko says

    Nice one slim… a first for Bali and all the crew owe you a beer I reckon!

    Me included!



  11. says

    Hey Nikko, is that you ?
    If it is, I reckon I won’t get a beer from you until you get a baliwaves t-shirt….. 🙂 I know I’ve promised you 1 for around 10yrs now 🙁
    Hows the security industry these days.

    If it’s not you, yes I reckon you all owe Slim a beer 🙂

  12. says

    hey Joe !

    Thanks for the comment.

    Sorry I didn’t get a chance to load our new photos we shot down at Uluwatu this afternoon as my Freaken internet at home is dead, typing this from an internet cafe…. Ulu was sick with head to head high plus barrels on the Racetrack section through low tide. hopefully I’ll get them on line tomorrow, after I get back home from some Bali style sport fishing 🙂

  13. Mike Anderson says

    Well living in Jakarta, I have to say….
    Thank you for helping to increas my already high % rate of scoring on my little strike
    So Thank you….
    See you soon….

  14. Steve says

    You all want it your way and you want it “now”.Remember its Indo and be grateful you have “one” anywhere on the bukit! Good job Jim.

  15. Mike says

    Was Joel F off by about 6 days, is me old ad ready to be replaced or has the Jakarta smog drifted over to Bali and blacked out the imopssibles area?

  16. mattinsa says

    Webcam seems to be down…my daily dose of Bali not happening today..I love this cam, and takes me straight onto the cliff with some bintangs after all day sessions flying down the line at impossibles…

  17. jules says

    3 days im thinking, still no waves… But cam is on 18 february, i not saw it before 2day. This cam so nice, pleaaase put it working again.

  18. Pete says

    This camera is amazing, its the perfect indicator for other spots, please get it up and running again.

  19. Mr Impossibles says

    well done slim……great memories of imposso’s untapped. Now I have the luxary of checkng imposso from my laptop while receiving a happy massage @ Kuta Buga.

  20. mike Anderson says

    Love the cam appricate having it…
    Any chance of getting it back on Impossibles for the coming swell?
    Please :).

  21. says

    the baliwaves FREE web cam is back on line and ready for you, still not 100% perfect positioning but she’s zoomed out a bit better and enough to give you a pretty darn good view of Impossible’s.

  22. dennery says

    Davo, do you know the main nationalities of the new comers? Europeans are used to come in september before the camera settled . This Europeans season can be the reason of increasing crowd during september as well there is more and more people surfing and traveling overworld out of aussie frequentation.

  23. dennery says

    PS: I came by september 3 times since 2000 so just before the BALISURF REPORT and even the webcam and had never had difficulties to find a room down Bingin and was glad to find better and cleaner facilities than the first time.

  24. Davo says

    sorry dennery , but my “fair question ” regarding increased crowds during september verses Augusts , and my opinion in pointing out that perhaps this may be due to camera being back online during september – HAS BEEN DELETED !!!! , along with many other peoples comments that were unfavourable towards the camera has also been deleted ASAP by Baliwaves …., Who seem to be trying to give a false impression via this censored comments page that everyone is thrilled with joy about the camera . Truth is many regular visiters and expats and the small group of locals that often frequent the place have noticed and commented about the big increase in september crowds (since the camera was reinstated). BTW Dennery , its a mixed nationality , and no different to August . cheers

  25. Davo says

    dennery your right about the euros , but official reports claim their numbers are down 45% at the moment due to the euro ecconomy , and their numbers actually peak later in the year or new year , and other nationalitys numbers usually drop off .

  26. says

    Ok “Davo” I’ll leave your comment on, but just lets get this right bro, this is not your website ok, and baliwaves (administrators) have the right to remove anything they wish.

    I think your getting back to the fact that you are so against tourism here bro, you started out against baliwaves at the first mention of Nusa Dua in our surf reports saying “we have a gentlemens club at Geger Beach and we don’t want to see tourist kooks out there spoiling our waves” ( I have all the email and comments copied)

    Any local who doesn’t want international visitors here in Bali, well I think everyone would find that hard to believe ?

    Now it’s the attack on the web cam, you guys are probably the only ex pats that tune into the cam here in Bali….. really man, the traffic is coming from out of Indonesia, that’s my stats !

    And as far as your stats go, my eyes tell me it’s been the biggest year of visitors from Europe ever ?

    The place is not a secret Davo, neither is Nusa Dua ?

  27. Davo says

    I appreciate the reply Slim , cheers …, But firstly, Your statement made about me being “against tourism ” here in Bali is completely FALSE, and I have many friends here that fully depend upon in it to put food on the table and send their kids to school, plus I have also witnessed the devastating effects (financially) it had on these (and other) locals after the series of Bali Bombings took place, and Id never want to see that happen to the local community again.
    In support of this, my comments from the other day replying to the post made by “wayanpedas” about the ecostay at kmas (which was also deleted, by the way), which supported my stance FOR tourising in Bali , and clearly shows I am NOT against tourism at all.
    Secondly , I know Its your site and understand fully that you can do as you please with it , but I also realise that the power of its success – does influence many people as as where they think they should surf the next day, & what your log in records dont show is the amount information being spread around nightly and influencing the many, many surfers in the various warungs,bars,andhotels/losmons of Kuta etc , where most surfing plans for the next day are made and organised.
    Your right about Impossibles and Nusa not being secret spots, no arguement there . But as we all know most surfers these days get lazy or tend to be sheep and will follow the flock, with the bulk depending on the internet, and its also “no secret” that when you concentrate your reports etc towards the quieter breaks they do become noticably more crowded the day after your reports than the day it wasnt reported (power to you).
    When your friend with the losmon(north of Kuta) was reporting/advertising his daily trips to nusa dua on your website , the crowd at that break more than doubled , and when you stopped , it receeded back to normal after a few weeks. There are many tourists that are infuenced by this hype created, and Impossibles is now heading in the same direction (thank god the camera was out of action in August) ie; overun with internet dependand sheep who would have otherwise been evenly spread out over the many ,many surfing breaks of Bali, and usually within this group, there is a lot of surfing inexperience and lack of understanding about ettiquette in the surf, and motivation to seek out new surfing spots.
    Thirdly, RE; Latest European tourist numbers in Decline to Bali please read this link ;
    …, as it shows the latest official figures.
    In a nutshell , the article in the link reports on the latest released official figures for new tourist numbers amongst the many nationalities visiting Bali, and last year was record numbers …., but this year it shows European numbers down on average to be around 41% (due to their ecconomy) . So when I commented (in the deleted letter) and in latter comments to dennery , my figures came from that article, and my comments claiming that tourist numbers have dropped of during september vs the highr numbers in august, came from varius conversations with many of the local losmon owners I know within the area., but yet crowd numbers in the surf at impossibles increased during september , and I did also comment (suggest) that the camera was only “my theory IMHO ” as to why the increased crowd may be, as I can see no ther reason for this increased crowd , thus opening the subject up “for discussion ” as to other theories or opinions why it is so
    Last of all I am not againt you,or Baliwaves in general,at I have taken note of the goodwill towards local charities etc that youve done and kudos to you for it …, All Im pointing out is maintaining some breathing space at some of those “lowkey” spots “we” reguarly surf is needed.
    If people end up at nusa dua and impossinbles and those other less known spots , then so be it …, but without these “less than premium” breaks being constantly in the spotlight , they would not be as crowded as they do get after the constant hype added from baliwaves, and perhaps those sheep who are influenced from that hype will be more evenly spread out amongst the various other breaks …, and probably even find much better quality surf while doing so.

  28. says

    Cheers Davo, point taken and thanks for the rational and polite reply, (I just saw this post and I approved it for public).
    There are a lot of theories, a few years ago at the hype of the surf school beginnings the students were mainly European, and there was a big influx of these learners into the system. The next year it was Kuta Reef, Middle’s and Airports being bombarded with people just paddling around, sitting in front of surfers taking off, throwing their boards etc etc etc. With the huge development programs going down on the bukit in the way of losmans / guest homes & hotels springing up absolutely at every known location and the then learner surfers thinking that they are hard core after a few seasons of surfing and of course way cooler to stay down on the bukit, they seem to have done a mass migration down that way. Hence way lower numbers in the water on the Outer reefs here in Tuban (European anyway). Check out Balangan on any day of the week, 50 – 100 surfers of European decent. I’ve had many a surf at Impossible’s in the past and done head counts of 50-70 surfers spread along the reef. I don’t think this situation is going to get better mate, with surfing being such a huge growth sport World wide.
    Wait till the new super sized hotel opens at Balangan, there’s going to be a lot more surfers in that and the surrounding locations
    There’s talk of new web cams going in at Keramas, Canggu and even at G-Land, not by
    I’m not really sure what the answer is Davo, all I do know is that we were very lucky to have grown up as surfers and experienced the true spirit of surfing and surfers compared to the agro, stink eye, no respect crap that goes on now just about everywhere that’s on the surfing map.
    Anytime you would like to get together and have a coldy and talk about this stuff I can always find the time. I also apologize for me saying your against tourism, everyone needs to eat and provide for their families.
    I think tourism numbers have reached those and even gone beyond those of “pre 2002” but can’t say factually if I’m right or wrong.
    There are places on the east coast I’ve surfed at but I don’t take my friends / guests to, yet I hear plenty of other surfers talking them up all the time, I do try to respect these kind of locations bro I really do.
    Have a good one and don’t forget the offer of a coldy and chin wag anytime.

  29. Aido says

    Wavepools are what we need , and good ones at that.
    When do we need them ?
    The cameras could all be stuck on them cause that’s where all the show ponies will be !

  30. A touch board in Jakarta says

    don’t mean to look a gift horse in the mouth, but is your wonderful cam going to be up again?

  31. says

    Yeah Mike it will be back on line, just a memory issue and we should get it going in time to see the next swell hitting

  32. Hardo says

    Cams text mobiles surfers use to have a beer at the sari club talk about the waves then walk into ulu stay all day and walk out all over indo euros tech is it helping people surf or destroying the once pure joy of checking the tides and descovering waves and sharing them with others who could surf.

  33. single fin says


    spot on. This is the Circle K generation of surfers. I loved walking the path from the temple down to ulus, paying the Balinese to carry your board and coolers and being the only ones out when corners was going off. You were on an adventure with consequences.

  34. says

    Yeah I agree Hardo and Surabaya, but I wouldn’t blame cams, mobile phones and tide watches for what’s happened to the “old school” of surfing or the “Bali of old” not that the Sari club would be included in that scenario. Surfers are still discovering waves bro, just not here in Bali. The only time I loved that walk into Uluwatu was until I got about half way, the very first time. Surfing Magazines and word of mouth is what started the ball rolling I’d imagine, magazines were around in the 60’s what about surf travel companies “making it easy” for surfers. Look at any location that has perfect waves, anywhere on the globe.
    Thanks for your comments lads and if you have any of those old black and white / color photos send em through so we can show the “google generation” how it used to be.

  35. tiny balony says

    I just love and just want to say how good your photos are they really make me want to come back to Bali, like many other viewers for sure. Thanks for keeping everyone stoked on Bali and how can I sling you some cash to keep it all happening.

  36. Jb says

    Cheaper to replace my friend
    I install them all the time.
    Be over in sept if your need any help.

    It’s a good draw to this site….???

  37. Paolo Giompaolo says

    Hi Slim, Awesome photos on your site. I was wondering if you have any more photos of me, you posted one on your site on 2nd September, (I’m the Wave Skier )? if you do how can I get them and how much ? Look forward to your reply. Paolo

  38. Davo says

    Paolo, your photos are on the dartboard LOL … Goat boats (wave ski’s) and SUP’s (stand up goat boats) – are not wanted …, go find a lagoon dude.

  39. Cathy Ando says

    Hi Slim Great work to get the WEB CAM back on line. Will keep us going for the next 18days.See you soon in Bali

  40. Claydogs says

    Aloha. Happy shack—-ing holidays to all!!!

    Love the Cam slim. beer oclock at your place, im flying over tonight..

    yeah bra

  41. Jb says

    Happy new year Bali stay classy see you soon.
    Btw stop that speedway from being built it will ruin the island
    Keep those races in Singapore.

    J banks.

  42. john says

    Thanks for the No.1 website on the internet, baliwaves always has the best photos for Bali

  43. kane says

    them waves are perfect I hope they are pumping next year when I go up does anyone know aiports ?

  44. Kami says

    Is Davo still sitting on the cam from february [?] Want to see update movie, please…

  45. says

    Yes at Kuta beach but make sure you wear fins as the currents can get strong if there is a swell running

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