Uluwatu & Balangan, 20th July 2011

19th July 2011
Hi folks and welcome back to your baliwaves (’99) for the latest on surfing and weather conditions from here on everybody’s favorite tropical surfing holiday destination of Bali.

This mornings early surf surf recon on the Outer Reefs here in Tuban was showing pretty well the same size as yesterday. Around waist to shoulder high range with maybe the occasional bigger set between Kuta Reef and Airport Left. The tide was still sitting on the bottom of a 0.5mtr Low (6.00AM) so Middle Reef was the best option for a paddle. And there were already a handful of surfers in the water. Late this morning Airport left should also have a couple of fun sized waves as well. We are going to hang out until this afternoons low tide and make our way back down to the bukit for another photo session, so call in again later for a look.

You’d probably also find plenty of fun little waves up along the beach breaks of Kuta to Legian around midday as the tide fills back in with a 2.4mtr High @ 12.00 noon.

Surfing conditions on the Outers at the time were clean and tidy with the wind blowing off-shore out of the East @ 8-10knot.

Weather wise so far today it’s smooth sailing with a mainly blue sky and just the odd cloud or two drifting past. Temperature wise outside right now @ 10.00AM the mercury is sitting on a warm 28 degree’s Celsius with a humidity level of 80%. Wind direction is now coming out of the South East @ 11-14knot+.

Swell predictions for the next 7 days are looking real good with no shortage of waves here in Bali. Although they have been slightly down graded it looks like today and Wednesday wave height will remain in the 2-4ft range between Kuta and Uluwatu. Then Thursday see’s a boost in size back into the medium class. Friday should have a solid new system hitting our reefs with wave height hitting the 4mtr plus sector. This system should peak on Saturday morning and then slowly fade through the afternoon. Sunday has us down for another slightly smaller medium size swell backing up, then slowly fading through Monday and Tuesday. And even further out for Thursday it looks like we have another swell on the radar for Bali.

Once again our apologies for our “contact” form out of operation the last few days or so. Apparently it was me who made the balls up, but Troy has it back under control and working smoothly again. So if you have a question fire away.

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Best Regards from Bali