Bad Magic, a short story by Nick Bruechle

Bad Magic A story by Nick Bruechle Slouching into a hard, uncomfortable aluminium chair, Calem Wright clutched an overpriced Bintang and stared at the people hustling around him. Sun-burned bodies and corn-rowed hair, smiles all round and big packages containing paintings, carvings and other good, honest Bali junk – everyone was going … [Read more...]

“It’s the little differences” Vincent Vega / Pulp Fiction

“It's the little differences. A lotta the same shit we got here, they got there, but there they're a little different” Vincent Vega – Pulp Fiction Staff The ramp expels you into the vast empty space that is the new Ngurah Rai terminal and the first and immediate difference is staff. They are here, there and everywhere, always uniformed smartly but no one seems actively … [Read more...]

An afternoon with the Balinese – a short story by Colin Decosta

An afternoon with the Balinese  - Instagram @colindecosta The Indonesian Consulate in Sydney is a non descriptive building in the eastern suburb of Maroubra. When I was a kid the building used to be squash courts and externally it retains almost the same facade with only a Garuda and an Indonesian flag revealing its new owners to any passer-by who cared to look. Looking in … [Read more...]

Under Volcanoes – a short story by Colin DeCosta

  Under Volcanoes - Instagram @colindecosta A small boy sits cross legged on the grass among the other kids surrounded by the ancient worn volcanic remnants that are the Warrumbungle mountains deep in the Australian bush. He is transfixed as a movie screen flickers and blazes in the night with images of Iceland's Surtesy volcano. The boy watches as the volcano, like … [Read more...]

The Dogs of Jalan Padma Utara (a short story) by Colin Decosta

The Dogs of Jalan Padma Utara (a short story) by Colin Decosta Everyone who goes to Bali meets dogs. Some people can’t stand them, others seem interested but non plussed and some try and be kind to them. That’s me. I like dogs, even smelly Balinese ones. In 1989 I was staying at Nakula’s, up the from the Bali Padma, and being a bit of a back lane in those days I could … [Read more...]

Indonesian Currency Art

We stumbled across some interesting surf art the other day on Instagram! The artist Steve used to do designs for Rusty Australia, did some airbrushing for town and country surfboards, and some tshirt designs for West surfing products and a few other little surf shops in Perth. He's had some exhibitions for his art and even had his own label in the 90's and sponsored 2 of WA's … [Read more...]

Welcome To Bali, (a short story by Colin Decosta)

  Welcome to Bali.     by  Colin Decosta Through his earbuds he hears the constant of the engines and the occasional child. Time passes slowly. Lost in thought at 40,000 feet drifting between dreams of languid warm water waves and thoughts of perfect waves. The LCD screen in front counts hours, kilometers and temperatures to an 80's soundtrack. Darkness over … [Read more...]

Cory Rix scores G-Land uncrowded for 5 weeks in October 2010


My 2 months in Indonesia started with staying and surfing with Slim for the first week, he made sure I got to the best waves everyday as well as kitted out with a bunch of photos of me surfing. The plan was to go onto Lakey Peak and set up there for the duration. But things changed, Slim mentioned G-Land (a place I had not considered) and on getting more information Slim could … [Read more...]

Off The Beaten Path


I’d been back in Kuta for 10 odd days before the collective archive started to drag me down. Since getting back from Sumatra I had barely even looked at the ocean let alone my surfboards. It wasn’t because there weren’t waves it was more so that I was caught up living a hedonistic lifestyle which is so easy to do in this town. My liver and body were starting to feel the wrath … [Read more...]

Fear & Loathing at Lakey Peak

hey slim hows things i was readin your story about lakeys and would like to tell u and others of my ordeal there. it was xmas day me and a few bules decided to throw a bit of a party and went to town bought sum fish for the evening dinner. that night we cooked it up at one of the restaurants shoutin the locals fish and bintangs after everyone ate the locals decided to have … [Read more...]