back in time, G-LAND bodyboard barrels – Dave Tinson

Back in time, G-LAND body board barrels 2012 G-Land photograher - David Tinson Hello body boarders and lucky for you guys and girls I was just looking in a few old folders stashed away in the archives and ran across these gems from yester year. My old friend was shooting photos over there at the time and was feeding us some great photos. Unfortunately Dave had a nasty … [Read more...]

Bodyboarding in Bali, December 2016

Body Boarding in Bali December 2016 Hello Body boarders and here's another 50 photos that we have collected from a few different locations over the last few months or so here in Bali. Stay tuned and feel free to comment if you like this page. Sorry to keep ya's waiting but it's been a little hectic and short handed. Anyway I hope you enjoy this handfull of photos and be sure … [Read more...]

Body Boarding in Bali, April 2016

Hello body boarders and sorry to keep you waiting for so long, but here is our latest installment for you guys and girls. Forgive me cause I've had this batch of photos ready for a good while now, just kept getting side tracked with the usual baliwaves stuff. Anyway let me know what ya's think cause I think there a couple of good waves in this lot. … [Read more...]

Body boarding Bali August – September #1

Body Boarding in Bali August - September 2015 Hello Body boarders and here's another 100 photos that we va collected from a few different locations over the last 6 weeks or so here in Bali. Seeing as though there has been no shortage of waves of late we also have another 100+ sick photos ready to load up for ya's. Stay tuned and feel free to comment if you like this … [Read more...]

Baliwaves Bodyboard Photo Gallery May / June 2015

Here you go bodyboarders another 80+ photos we collected over the last month or so here in Bali. It's been hard of late to find any of you guys where we have been surfing the last few weeks, is that a good or bad thing bahahahaha Lets have some feedback hey enjoy … [Read more...]

Bodyboard Photo Gallery Mar – Apr 2015

Bali March April 2015 Hi Bodyboarders and here's our latest BB installment for ya's, I will say with the small waves he have had for most of this period and the lack of any bodyboarders it's been hard to get enough photos to load up. This gallery was shot over 2 days at Canggu. Let us know what you think, and contact us if you'd like to come along on a surf trip or two … [Read more...]

BODYBOARD PHOTO GALLERY November / December 2014

BALI BODY BOARDING PHOTO GALLERY November / January 2014 Thanks for taking the time out to check out our latest collection of body boarders that we have spotted the last couple of months. In fact it's been pretty quite on your scene with mostly Japanese body boarding girls doing spinners which don't really impress anyone. So if your a core body boarder and coming to Bali … [Read more...]

Baliwaves BodyBoard Photo Gallery Sept / Oct 2014

BALI BODY BOARDING PHOTO GALLERY SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2014 Ok body boarding people it's your turn again with the latest installment that we have been collecting for ya's since last month. Don't forget to tell your friends and feel free to make a comment so that I know it's worth our time to load this page :-) baliwaves … [Read more...]