Surf Spots

The island of Bali has locations which work in the Dry Season and the Wet Season.  The dry season is the peak surfing season and it typically runs from May through to September, this is when the famous waves of Uluwatu, Padang Padang and Impossibles break at their best.

Below is a list of the main breaks on Bali with key information and pictures.

Dry Season Waves

Kuta Reef
Airport Left
Airport Right
Padang Padang

Wet Season Waves

Nusa Dua
Green Balls


  1. Amigo says

    Hi Slim,

    excellent new site, good work, I have to stop at your new place one day but I am busy as always. Amigo

  2. perma says

    slim glad i stumbled upon, if iwas keen to chill at dreamland with the fam for a bit is there good accom or better to stay at bingin

  3. trevor murphy says

    The best waves in Bali besides Padang are on the east coast. Just paddle out at Nusa Dua at 6 to 10 foot then you will see that outside corner is a mushball.

  4. john says

    nusa dua the 1st drop of point of the boat is the best before the rip gets ya there’s a left and a right then when the rip get’s a hold it’s all right.but be aware the 1st time i surfed it the reef looked about a good 3 to 4ft but when i got out there it was soild 5 to 6ft second day in indo a bit rusty surfed 4 a couple hours but was happy i only told the boat driver 2 hours.anyhow the right hander sunur reef is the best wave on that side of the island when it turn’s it on.wet season is the goods some years. J/BOY

  5. says

    Thats a good one about the surfboard racks on bikes….. I’ve been seeing guys and gals riding around everywhere today here in Bali with them and no Police hassling them ?

  6. Matt says

    Thanks slim i was hoping that would be the case with the bikes,no real hassles n cheers whippet for the info 2,at worst a little fine no worries at all,a couple more weeks of central coast oz slopfest 2009 and im off to paradise,im startin to froth!!!

  7. shane says

    hey slimmy jimmy new site lookn da goods well done to u n ur crew for the site set up! See ya in afew weeks, Shaneo

  8. andy says

    does anyone know any good fishing to be done around bali or any decent fishing charters to be done thank you

  9. j'boy says

    on the fishing subject andy.i’ve found the nusa dua side of bali is where i’ve nailed lots of big fish over the years the kuta side can produce 2 but i have’nt had much luck you can get fishing charters any were in kuta just ask someone iv’e found about 50oz dollars about on the mark each person.and they might even slip a couple of bintangs in depends on how long ya feel like hassle them

  10. luke says

    great new site! the only thing for me missing, is how you usually say what the aussie dollar is worth on the streets there ! but otherswise all looks amazing !

  11. Dan says

    rob, no real surf on penida… i have surfed a little cove there about 2-3ft but thats cos lembongan was out of control 15ft plus cloudbreaks… i havent looked all the way round the other side but im preety sure its just cliffs dropping off into deep water… sweet.

  12. Levi says

    Whats the surf like in October, do the dry season waves still break during this time?

  13. stuie says

    selamat siang slim
    gotta gripe.
    from our neck of the the desert in sa we go by the line -pay your dues ,ie.put in the time ,work out conditions,tides etc to get the goodies.
    so todays info about the spot up the coast-4:30 departure to avoid traffic and crowds in my mind does more than one thing ; give surfers more than just general info (your site philososphy) and how to crowd the spot out at sunrise.
    theres noticably more crews heading up there now and i truely believe your info is only enhancing the traffic in the water at a spot that is of average quality but was a great escape (that Bob was a creepy man)
    so what do you say slim?
    selamat tinggal

  14. says

    G’Day Stuie, I appreciate your opinion, and thanks. Have you surfed at Balian lately ? it’s not packed with Aussie’s in the water at sun rise !
    Do you know how many surf guide’s, surf schools there are in Bali, bro it’s 2009. Maybe down in South Australia in your desert you can still pull localisim stuff but not here in Bali. Anyway all A surfer haS gotta do is look at a map and they can see that when a ESE-SE Tradewind blows it’s going to be cross-shore on the North West Coast of Bali, from Legian north it just gets worse. Face it Stui ya don’t ned to be a brain surgeon to work it out what time is the best to be there. Ya know if you wouldn’t have posted your feelings about keeping a Bali surf spot un-crowded (which by the way is a joke) there’s be a new report over writting the Balian report in another hour or two. Now it’ll be in the comments for ever…. But don’t worry Stuie as not every Aussie surfer in Bali gets up at 4.00am on a Sunday morning. Thanks for the feed back and I hope / know South Australia will never be over run with learn to surfer schools.

  15. whippet says

    Your an idiot mate. Balian is far from a secret and a really doubt slim posting about what time to leave is going to effect the crowd up there.
    The fact is its 2009, you can read any book about surfing bali, talk to any bemo driver and they will all recommend balian in small swell and early due to the wind.
    Its far from a secret and if slim never posted here it would still be as crowded as ever.

  16. Fiona says

    Hi, we are coming over in July, and we are planning on spending a few days surfing before heading up to Ubud. I’ve been to bali however never to surf… where are the good surf beaches, and where is the best place to stay near the beaches? We will be spending our last week in seminyak, so don’t mind if we don’t stay in town for hte first few ‘surfing’ days.

    Also, it will be my bf surfing, and he is not a beginner (probably intermediate, is a surf life saver so can handle decent waves etc).



  17. slimmi says

    great photos slim… wow man, all of them are clear and perfect… hey lets shoot kuta reef on sunday morning! Swell is gonna be massive!


  18. says

    hey Yuki !

    Bro I’m planning being in the channel with my 600mm tomorrow (Saturday) so I hope your out there. But if you are, I’m already feeling sorry for anyone else trying to get some waves !!!

  19. Nathan Donohoe says

    HI Everyone..
    Im thinking of goin to Bali and staying in Nusa Dua – Nikko spa resort with girlfriend..Just seeing if any one knows from first hand experience how long to get Ulu’s and the west coast surf breaks from there . Also what best option of travel e.g Taxi, Hired mo-ped, with a surf board.?
    Cheers…Goin in early August so West coast would be the pick ..Correct?

  20. Frida says


    Me and my boyfriend are going to spend a couple of weeks on Bali and Lombok. We’re really instrested in learning how to surf. What we get is that the west coast is best place to go during the summer and we are now wondering about prices for beginners/surfing lessions and board rental rates.

    Thank you all and have a nice summer:)

  21. Shannon says

    Hi Nathan

    From Nusa Dua it will take you roughly 30 mins by bike/car. If you haven’t done the ride before or don’t know your way around the Bukit that well I would say to grab a taxi the first time so you can memorise the route. After that just grab a bike with a rack, so long as you have some experience riding. Generally safer than the ride from Kuta to Ulu as there is less traffic.

    And yep, west coast will be the go in August, but you’ll be able to score some good sessions at Nusa Dua too if there is no/little wind.

    Enjoy mate


  22. Roger says

    Does anyone have any updates on the toxic waste dumping going on at dreamland? I heard reports of a number of crew getting horribly sick from surfing at Balangan…Hair falling out,skin peeling off and the likes…Any info will be much appreciated

  23. Roger says

    ….i was told a dozen rusted 44 gallon drums of DDT were pushed off the cliff at the golf course a couple of weeks ago and they have more up there they are trying to get rid of…

  24. Roger says

    G’day Slim,
    A friend of a friend has a membership and heard it from one of the caddies who is gf of a greenkeeper,she knew about the late night dump and told him after she heard about a few local surfers getting sick…DDT is a heavy duty pesticide banned in a lot of countries,one of its uses is large scale mosquito eradication…long term side effects are similar to agent orange,sterility,birth defects…short term effects include hair loss,nasty rashes and skin peeling off…just wondered if anyone heard about anyone getting sick from surfing down there…could be spreading all over the bukit i guess

  25. Macarena says


    I am Macarena, I want to know wich is the best place in bali for average level surfer.

    Thank you very much


  26. isaac says

    I wouldnt try to rubbish local guides for taking people up ‘there’, your page has pics and OTT rave reports

  27. says

    Hi Isaac ! thanks for your feedback and I don’t think I “rubbished” anyone dude. I metioned that “there were surfguides arriving by the minute with van loads full of Japanese surfers” or something like that. So please make sure you read the report before you comment. it’s pretty simple if you don’t want to appear out of context. Oh and sorry Isaac what does OTT mean I’m not real hip with the abreveations 🙂

  28. isaac says

    the point is anyone who is in any way involved with surf tourism has a responsibility to ensure the product they sell remains as advertised. look at the surf camp deal with large groups of europeans arrivng en-masse to all surf an average wave etc, would you pay through the eye if the brochure said ‘come and surf a soft left with 14 germans, 8 aussies, 4 russians etc.

  29. samuel says

    3 more sleeps till i arrive in bali. its my first time coming to bali so this site has been awesome for info on swells and winds. i’m so pumped for good waves. keep it real

  30. Murphy says

    hey man, Great site.

    just a quick question – I’m coming out to bali this november and am staying for 3/4 months. As it’s the wet season where would be best for me to base myself? still kuta?

    Also, this might seem like a stupid question but as the winds are genrally light in the mornings and evenings in bali does this mean that you can still get glassy conditions on the west coast during the wet season? So If I stayed in kuta I could still possibly have glassy conditions before breakfast? cheers!

  31. nikolay says

    ei man, great page. thank’s a lot for your work. it helpes a lot. 3 friend’s and i are comming in middle july till end of august. we’re still wondering if we should take our boards, or rent or buy something very cheap for the whole month and a half. what do you think ??? we are looking for some place very very cheap to stay, cuz we are – i can say broke. and we don’t even know where to go, i mean city, where to surf and so…. i’ll be greatfull for any suggestions.

  32. says

    Nik, drop me an email through the contact us link and I can fill ya’s in, I have a friend here in Tuban only 100yrds back from the beach infront of the Outer reefs who only charges AU$6.00 per night. The rooms are comfortable enough for a surfer on a tight budget but still very basic and most importantly safe and secure.

  33. chicko says

    g,day mate. love your work. question, i think i can only get to bali in october,would and where will i get waves then.
    thanks mate appreciate your help

  34. Tim says

    Hi Slim,
    Going to bali on 1st aug staying at ramada bintang tuban,was looking at kuta cam and the photos of the beach and sea walls in 2008 in front of hotels, what month was the big tides and hows it looking now?
    thanks Tim

  35. says

    Hi Tim, well your going to be pretty well surprised when you see the new beach we have here in Tuban, they actually did a great job for now. But it’s going to be hard to say when we start getting some big swells and big tides where just all the sand will move to.

  36. gary west says

    hi Slim, traveled to Bali last june for 40 days. anyway to make some money while staying in Bali. i have a nice digital camera with 300 mm lens. my buddie is there now, hooked up with some Bali Girl and i would like to return. any help would be nice , thank you Gary West

  37. says

    Hi Gary, sorry to say mate but the days of photographers rocking over to Bali and trying to sell photos to surfers are just about gone. These days there are ex-pats with expensive work visa’s and plenty of local photographers at just about every location.

  38. Tim says

    Hi Slim, Tim again just wondering if you know of any airport taxes for bringing in 3 or 4 boards into denpasar airport,if ur keen 4 a bintang one arvo will be at ramada bintang 4 2 weeks from 1st august cheers

  39. says

    Hey Tim, 3 boards is ok but if they notice you have 4 your going to be invited into their office for some negotiating…. keep a smile on your face and have some 20 dollar notes in your pocket. If you fly in to jakarta and then domestic to Bali you can bring as many boards in as you want…… go figure.
    Bintang sounds good !

  40. sa6o says

    hey man do i need to take my wet suit with me ??? what is the temperature of the water ???

  41. Loz says

    Hey Slim, stayed at Sunny House several years back and had an awesome time in Bali. Always hang out for the daily baliwaves update for my favourite surfing hol destination. Me and a couple of mates are visiting in Oct and was wondering if you could give us some advice and recommend what the best boat trips are available to Sumbawa and Lombok etc I found an old article about a 10m ocean speed boat that visits these locations from your daily update back from 2008 but was wondering what the best options are and approx prices. Thx heaps! Cheers Loz

  42. jako says

    hey in january is it high tide or low tide in the morning?? and what time does the sunrise??

  43. Geer says

    Hi, I first travelled to Bali in 1974/5 as a 20 year old. Kuta in those days was only built up for about one hundred metres each side of Bimo corner – my mate and I stayed in a losman 50-60 m from Bimo cnr on Legian Rd, about opposite Poppy track (wasnt a lane then) – it was all fileds down to the beach. We stayed for 2 months over Xmas/Jan and surfed mainly at Nusa Dua and Ulu’s – I can remebered surfing Nusa Dua 6-8ft and NW offshore, we paddle out across the lagoon, left our clothes/towels in bushes and arranged for bimo to pick us up a few hours later as it was only a village back behind the beach – only a couple other surfers out, scary (saw my first water snake it tried to get onto my board!, I went back in 1998 and was blown away by the development, surfed at Kuta reef for 2 days then went to Lombok for 2 weeks. Went back again last year and decided to stay down at Ulu, surfed Balangan a couple times – nice wave but as always (everywhere in Bali in June-Aug) crowded, but key is to get out early – enjoying the memories, still riding short boards and surfing every week. Looking to go back to Indo next year. cheers

  44. Andrew says

    Hey Jim.
    Do you know how much Double A is per night and is it air cond?
    Blondie rents me a bike each time I visit and last trip I forgot to ask about AA.

  45. says

    Hey Andrew, I have a contract rate of Rp200,000 per night at the AA. Over the counter they ask for US$50.00 per night. But you’d be better off here at Home Base with us for US$15.00 (Rp150,000) per night.

  46. Tristan says


    Wondering if anyone can give me some advice about a boattrip in september?
    Thinking about Nusa Lembogan, Lombok, Sumbawa. 7 – 10 day trip. Two European guys, Experience: medium / average (prior Bali experience, no Boattrips, yet).

    I’d rather be on a smaller boat, paying a little extra compared to a bigger boat (crowd).

    Hope you can help me out! Appreciate it.

    [email protected]

  47. David says

    Hey Jim,
    Greetings from Central Oregon USA. Sure do remember our visits in the early 2000’s Epic G’Land and nice to meet Scardy! Please be sure to look in on my Bro, Richard! No waves here but lots of fishin,mountain biking,skiing Mt. Bachelor in the Winter and all kinds of good stuff! Aloha to you and all the best! David Dornbusch

  48. tj says

    with regards to hallidays scotts comment. the reason for this was because it was so hard to attract sponsors back then newy boys through there rigourous campaining and tireless efforts were able to draw in 2 major sponsors ie bintang and captagon int. come to think of it we pioneered the use of captys plus binys as a surf additive.

  49. Angela says

    Slim, great site – very funny (I think you’re a secret comic). Ok, I’m the quintessential cliche, but hear goes…I’ve just learnt to surf, have never been to Bali before, and am looking for a beginner’s beach where I can practice every day and soak up the sun and the beach the rest of the time. Prefer a bungalow in a less crowded spot than any hotel room in kuta – does such a place exist, and when is the best time to head over? Cheers!

  50. Adam says

    unreal site. got a quick question, im heading to bali in a few days for my first time and some are predicting a “massive” swell this coming weekend, were staying near ulu, but im not too keen on surfing 10- 12ft ulu… well i am keen, but im not so sure my lungs and boards are, haha. was wondering where the best semi protected places are nearish by? bingin? anywhere else? any help would be greatly appreciated!!! once again great site, keep it up!!

  51. Jason says

    Hi there – just found the site and its great! A quick question; My family and i are hoping to head to Bali in the middle of Feb next year and i was wanting to find out 2 things:
    1:) is the wet season constantly raining, or is it a bit like Thailand – beautiful days until a big downpour for an hour or so at about 4PM?
    2:) Is the west coast (Legian etc) really that bad for surf in the wet season? I would be happy with 2-4ft on my longboard for a few hours each morn before both the wind and my family gets up.

    Thanks in advance for any replies – keep up the good work!

  52. Sheri says

    Hi..trying to plan a surf trip in Dec (only time we can get off work) and really would love any advice on where to stay/surf in Bali?? Should we hire a guide? car rental. I’m over my head planning this as a surprise for my two son’s/and husband. Thanks for any advice .

  53. Scotty says

    Hi, going over Xmas this time , staying in Legian as usual . Daughter and i usually happy surfing there but as it’s wet season is it non exsistent ? Where is relatively safe on other side with regards reefs etc ? Thanks

  54. Halbs says

    Hi Slim just returned from a boat trip to the Mentawai’s and had a great time however I trashed two boards can you suggest the best repairer in Bali, if so that would be a great help cheers

  55. Urban says

    coming to bali in three days and staying for a couple of months but i dont really have any money. im staying with a couple of families for part of the time but want to explore on my own as well, do you know how the government/police are with camping off the roads discreetly?

  56. tthorny says

    Urban, a bit of advice, if youve got no money stay at home! There are enough white guys hanging out in Bali leaching off society. Get a job and come back in a few months time and support the economy. If you camp you will get sick and robbed.

  57. says

    I think you mean tourists on a tight budget don’t ya, that just about sums up every surfer under the age of 25 I think…… and then going back 35 years in time it was every surfer (99%) !!!!! Yep, surfing and capatilisim…. hand in hand.

  58. thales says


    i´m planing to travel to Bali in february , where it´s the best place to stay ?(near a good spot to surf) Lakey Peak it´s a good choice ?


  59. cuzin says

    Heya, great website thanks for the effort. A friend and I are arriving on Sat Dec 12. Was wondering if we should get accomodation in Sanur or stay on the west side? It seems like ur blogs are coming from the west side.

  60. says

    Email me your flight arrival details and come and stay with us and the crew here at Home Base (west coast)

    Likewise for anyone else just drop Slim an email if you have a question.

  61. cuzin says

    Ok thanks I wud luv to come stay with the crew at home base, I just have to talk to my friend thats coming with me. We were planning on going to Sanur, but if the waves are better on the west coast and its not too crowded I wud luv to go there. So u think Illuwatu and the west side is still the best bet…?

  62. trey says

    hey, im actually headin to Bali December the 26th, Kuta i believe, i was wondering about the reef dangers and anything else i needed to know about the areas ocean life. also i wanted to know will it still be decent swell in the area?

  63. Jordan says

    Returned from Bali a few weeks ago… learning to surf at the moment and was around Kuta (in front of Hard Rock Cafe) because it was so small at the time. Any suggestions on first board would be greatly appreciated! Cheers.

  64. Baoluo says


    Ill be going to Bali in mid January. When you list the beaches according to dry/wet season, does it mean that the dry season ones will be really bad in the wet season, or it is possible to surf there and its like a general recommendation?

  65. Marijntje says

    Hi. I want to go on a surf & yoga camp in Bali on my own. I’m a 29 year old female and do not have any experience with surfing (well, only 1 day). I like enjoying the nature, but a bit of fun time is also on my list. Any tips? Thanks.

  66. Maggsie says

    Hi Slim.
    Mate I will be in Bali in June for my bros wedding and would like to do a simple day trip to Nusa Lombongan or somewhere close for a surf with him. Can you recommend any boat charter companies that do Surfing day trips to Nusa Lombongan or similar.
    all the best, marcus

  67. daz says

    after reading these post , i dont know how so many idiots can even find there way to this about kooks , there every where .

  68. says

    That’s a bit rough Daz, I’m sure there’s plenty in the UK as well, and I’m pretty sure there’s been no pro’s come outta there yet.

  69. Maggsie says

    Thorny, Pottz was born in UK but is hardly a Pom, grew up in South Africa, spent most of his teens in US and then settled on Northern Beaches, NSW, Australia. The only pom surfer Ive heard of is that Hargraves the 3rd dude (cant remember his full name). Anyway, Im bemused that Slim has the time to answer these lame emails but when someone seriously asks a question they get squat in reply.

  70. Hoges says

    Marijntje – There is a YOGA resort called -The Sacred River Resort – at Balian (river) and the surf area is right there.. at least 1.5 hours west of Kuta..If you ride a motor bike – there is a great ride to be had through the mountains , Straight across from the market area of balian a road leads into the mountains and eventually takes you to the rice town of Papuan ,you then hook around to join the west coast hwy back to Balian, good luck..

  71. says

    Thanks Maggsie, I’ve gotta really be in the mood to reply to the comments. I know there are a lot of experienced viewers willing to help out with info, views and opinions 🙂
    Thanks Maggsie

  72. Maggsie says

    Yeah fair enough mate. With regard to money exchanges in Kuta, can you recommend one or two ? I have followed ur posts and know you say some are rip off merchants charging hidden fees after they get your cash and some are good, is there any in particular that you recommend as I plan on doing most of my Aust $$ to Indo Rup exchange when I arrive in June rather than get $$Aust2K exchange here at Travelex or some other rip of exchange merchant that we have here in Australia. I know Kuta fairly well so if you could point out a couple of good ones Id appreciate it.

  73. says

    One of the best in Jalan Legian is right at the southern end of the street, coming down the street on the left hand side. Then there’s the Kodak Central exchangers in Jalan Kartika Plaza. These operators are fair dealers and issue receits. These are the ones I use when I’m lucky enough to have dollars.

  74. Hoges says

    MONEY EXCHANGERS- Ta!for the comment on Medewi ,Slim..On the road that was called Rum Jungle road, there is a money exchanger- opposite the Legian primary school.. From the Jaya Karta Hotel entrance continue to the school-opposite is a glass fronted office -money counted -behind glass -checked by office and then- rate is for Bank notes (ie real money) and the best day for exchange seems to be Tuesday morning-????- I stay in this area and have used this for years – DON’T risk Dodgy EXC..

  75. Hoges says

    On board repairs- Go straight to Wayan Badung -owner of Point Surf shop . This guy is as good as you get. I have had boards that have that, used,maybe i need a new board look, transformed into show room wannabes. I always cycle my boards thru Wayan’s hands b4 returning to Aust. Especially those boards regarded as Magic..Keep them in as good shape as you can- you may be years finding one as good..

  76. says

    Hi Steve, my board repairer here in Tuban is by far the No.1 in Bali. He works for the Bali Barrel surf shop (old original site) he is the man when it comes to fixing your baby. Through me my guests get their boards repaired at “local price” ie: a snapped board is between Rp150,000 – 200,000. around US$16.00 – $21.00. So imagine how much he charges for just a dirty old ding.

  77. A.Hogan says

    G-day JB (slim)Im just checking your site,good work!! I think your heading my way tomorrow.I’d like to catch up for a chat and a Bali coffee..Thing’s are on the improve,I have a leggie now.Either way will see you soon..Regard’s

  78. says

    Hey Andy, sorry mate we hot the highway on the west coast today and scored. Not sure when I’m going to be heading over your way but if ya get a chance give me a call so we can hook up !!

  79. A.Hogan says

    Yep,no worrie’s,lot’s to talk about!! Again great site,lot’s of useful info..cheer’s

  80. Chris says

    Hi going to Kuta with wife in April,,,,,I only wanna take two boards…choice of 6ft small wave ripper and 6ft 9 that goes nice but dosnt get into bigger ones quick enough for my liking……or….

    6ft swallow ripper and 7ft pin tail that goes good when it sucks but if it isnt sizey will feel like a log compared to the 6ft 9……????


  81. Bobby says

    I’m coming to Bali in March staying on the east side, I sent an email early this week to inquire on your guide service…did the email come through? Great site by the way!


  82. SIMONE says

    Hello all, we are planning a trip in July 2010 and staying at Mu’s Bali on the Uluwatu cliff, with our 15 yr old and 12 yr old boogie boarders, the 15 year old is a die hard mad surfer and I am sure he will be fine on the reefs, the 12 yr old surfs alot too but is a little scared at times of the big mothers out the back here in Nth Avalon Sydney Australia, and tends to stay on the shories. We want a surf holiday that will accommodate all, I keep reading so many mixed reviews of Bali surf and have nothing in relation to children. I would be so grateful for some advice. Could my little guy surf Dreamland?? If not where?

  83. Nick says

    hey slim, my wife is a bali chick and when i’m check’n out baliwaves i usualy tell her what the rupia is doing…. but lately there has been no info? i know your a busy boy and all that…and mate one more thing why have you not been reporting on Nusa Dua this wet season? anyways mate great site! keep up the good work!

  84. Dozza says

    Hi, I’m heading to bali mid july till mid aug. I am looking for rights is the much chance of getting good rights that time of year and where? i’m also not going to bring a board so i’ll be looking to buy once i get there. where would be the best place and brand. And i think i’ll hire a car to get around to differant spot is there anywhere i could pick up some surf buddys to take along. Thanks

  85. says

    Yes there are right handers to be had all year round…….. search though.
    Contact Diverse Surfboards via their link on, he has a tonne of quality boards already here in Bali, or he can have one made and here waiting for you when you arrive.

  86. chub says

    Hi,I,m staying up at candi dasa in early may,are there any good waves for that time of year up there?

  87. Pigga says

    Am coming over in a few weeks and would like to get in a few earlies on the reefs around Kuta before heading off elsewhere for the rest of the day. Can anyone give me some ideas/hints on getting a good boat to take me out to the reefs. Departure point and price would be handy.
    Cheers Pigga

  88. PAUL says

    Hey Slim, im heading over for a month in june. Staying at Hyatt Sanur.
    What is the closest East side beachbreak to there ? Ive got my 7 year old daughter with me this time so I have to keep it safe. Is padang galek safe for a 7 year old grommet ? Cheers PAUL.

  89. Wayan P says

    You forgot to tell the Dengue Fever mozzies bite during the day, and into the late afternoon, and that they are called Tiger mozzies due to the fact if you look at them they have bright yellow & white spots and some stripes. Super easy to see the differences between them and “normal” malaria” predators..

    BTW – There a lots more cases on the East coast, and up in Mas-Ubud- Gianyar, local kids are coming down with it now; I know 3 personally.

    As usual tourist “officials” are trying to keep this way under wraps so the tourists will still pile in without fear. Ahh, the smell of it; greed that is..

    As usual bro…… Cheers!

  90. j's says

    i must have very good ears for i hear the dangue mozzie coming and bam the tiger mozzie is turned into a kitten let this be a leason for you grasshopper and wayan p

  91. Stylemaster says

    Hi Slim,
    Great site!Great info and pics. QUESTION: does anyone know about getting longboards on with JETSTAR? I think thier max is 277cm but my
    log comes in at 281cm in its cover. Do you think they would let it pass
    or turn me back? Just wondering if anyone has got through. If not are there any quality longboards to hire in Kuta. And before you all start saying Bali is no good for longboards….spare me. Ive logged my way all around Indo. Just never flown with JETSTAR.

  92. j's says

    i know ya can’t get pissed on jetstar tere shit house bra take heaps of duty free on at lest ya can drink that

  93. paulo says

    i met a local balinese man that told me all balinese think about 70% of aussie tourists they meet are arrogant & only 30% are cool. Is that right ? Is that really what Bali thinks of aussies ?

  94. says

    No Paulo totally wrong and the guy who told you probably wasnt even a Balinese. They depend on Aussies to help there seasonal income. They all know Aussies are here on holidays spending their hard earned cash and enjoying themselves as best as they can !

  95. Jeff says

    Most Aussies are merely thought of as useless immoral alcoholics. They support the economy I suppose but they should try and be more culturally appropriate. What pissed out rich white guy isnt arrogant or obnoxious?

  96. Resa Jr. says

  97. charger says

    im an intemediate surfer and never been to bali before, im goin in july where do you guys reckon would be best for me. I dont like anything tooooooo sucky

  98. doc says

    Hey charger, you don’t have to worry. So many choices depending on where you’re staying. Kutabeach is good at the bottom of Poppies lane, and then Midway between Kuta and Legian, Then Legian at the bottom of Jalan padma. All good high tide beach breaks. Low tide beach break is Ku De Ta, best with a 3ft plus swell early morning.

    Have fun brother.

  99. 1stYRMed says

    Hey I am coming to Bali at the end of June for our honeymoon stayin in Seminyak.. wonderin if theres anywhere to BBoard?


    ps sic pics

  100. doc says

    Seminyak has some great boogi board spott. The Ku De Ta is a little fat but if you get on at low tide there’s a rideto be had. walk down the beach to Petitengat temple (Just past La Lucciola restaurant and there is a high tide right that will work you over. Just take care here The temple isn’t always happy about beachy things right in front. Walk towards Kuta and Double 6 has a reasonable wave.

  101. Lyn says

    we have just come back from Bali and had a BB in our group. he was stoked with waves at ulu and padang padang.Just get the boats around tuban/kuta to run you over, take the new wife,if she is not a surfer a morning at padang padang cove is a great way to spend some time, beautiful clear water to swim and away from the crowds of kuta, so relaxing

  102. im says

    hey jim, do you still organise trips over to lakey peak? is this the best time of year for it. How is the new place going? are you busy over the next couple months?

  103. says

    Sorry bro I don’t organise trips to anywhere, I prefer surfers to be able to book directly with the company itself and cut out the middle men and get a lower price. Just like how I mention with the 15% discount over to G-Land. Unfortunately I don’t think you can book direct at Lakey’s. Better to just get a flight from Bali to Bima from any local travel agent in Bali and just rock into Lakey’s there are at least 10 hotels / Losmans over there. All are pretty much right in front of the waves.

  104. Corrie says

    Can someone help? I’m a beginner / intermediate surfer. Surfed in bali before, 2 to 3 ft kuta reef, 2 to 3 ft ullluwatu, 4ft playgrounds. Am looking at traveling to bali and lombok. Can someone help me find good waves that would suit me, other than where I have been.

  105. charger says

    Hi, I’m going to Bali in a few days and was just wondering if I would need reef booties. If so what is the price range of booties in Bali.

  106. Maggsie says

    RE “Hello surfers and welcome back to the one and only original bali surf report, (since ’99). Yes sir it’s been another long day for this little black duck hitting the road at 4.30am for Balian.And finally getting back to home base at 4.30pm”
    Jeez yoove got a tough life there Slim, LOL.
    regards Maggsie

  107. Maggsie says

    Anyone wanting to hire really good quality long boards in kuta / Seminyak area, go up to Seminyak beach, about 150 – 200meters on the Legian side of KuDeTa resturant is a creek running into the ocean. Right next to it (the Sofitel Resort is also behind them) are my mates Wayan and Bram who hire out boards, rashies and beach beds. Tell them Maggot sent you and he will sort you out.

  108. woodsy says

    Yep surfing, and living the surfers dream is what our man Slim is all about, I’m so jealous when I look at my own “no body” life….

  109. christian says

    I´m going to Bali in the middle of October and I will stay for 5 months. I´m aware of the rainy period and that the east side of Bali works well. Question is- how´s the west side during that time. is it possible to surf early morning. Is it usually windy the whole day or glassy at times? Thinking maybe its possible to score good uncrowded surf at Balangan, Kuta Reef, Ulu etc. Somebody told me its less wind at that time but would like to know from some Bali-specialis- guy(girl) SoThe thing is Im a goofyfooter so it would be a shame to miss out on the great lefthanders.

  110. gedes in bali says

    im balinese guy,26 years everywhere in bali.famous spot or secret…just ask me in here.

  111. Timmy P says

    Hi Slim,
    Coming to Bali Fri 5th Nov and was just wondering if the volcano has had any effect on the island of Bali,and how is the swell forecast from 2 weeks of the 5th looking,here in Newcastle its flat as a tack. Cheers Timmy P

  112. Garry Stevens says

    hi slim arriving mid next week looking to hire approx 9’1 for 1week,where can I get something good(tuf lite,mact,yater etc,thanks Garry

  113. slim bowen says

    G’day namesake, I’m looking for a sharp beachbreak for some bodysurfing next week. Any ideas where to check? Looked at nusa lemongan but no swell forecast there in the next few days.
    Cheers Slim

  114. says

    Hey Slim, I don’t think there’s going to be too much swell anywhere bro ? hard times in Indo, looks like our biggest no wave period for this year…. 🙁

  115. PUTU RAI ARSANA says

    BROTHER JIM,Apakabar?
    Iam PUTU RAI in JAPAN,very-very cold…
    What about in sanur 04..01…safari reef?

  116. says

    Aduh Putu Rai !!!! lama sekali saya tdk lihat, bmana kabarnya di Japan ? pasti ada Sanur Reef #2 dsana. dsini sudah ada hujan pagi, panas banget siang. Putu masih sibuk kerja ? Kasih saya alamat emailnya ! Kapan Putu ksini ? Jangan lupa mbawa Choya untuk temannya ya. Ok Teman baik sampai jumpa dan selemat Hari Raya Galungan dan Kuningan.

  117. PUTU RAI ARSANA says

  118. baz says

    surfed at kuta reef in late october 60 or more in the lineup head high plus, my mate only scored 2 waves in 2 hours lots of hasseling going on with people droping in all over the place, the place was full of snakes and most of them were australians so come on get real if you dont do it at home dont do it in bali you ass holes . ps i still love the place with or without the ass holes in the water.

  119. says

    Hi Baz, yeah it makes ya wonder doesn’t it. Do you think these people would drive straight to the front of the line at the petrol station, no. Would they push their shopping trolley straight to the front of the check out, no. But as soon as they jump outta that boat at Kuta or Middle Reefs it’s paddle straight to the inside and expect the next set wave that comes through. Even if there are only 10 other surfers already out there waiting, go figure that.

  120. Rick says

    Hey Slim, how are you. I am shooting a bit of a video re travelling thru Indonesia. Was just wondering what size lense your using on your stills camera. I just purchased a Nikon D7000 for a record of places but would like a lens for it.
    My camera gear is Sony EX3 and FX1 with a small handycam for in car shots. Would appreciate if you can spare time to give me a bit of info.
    Am off to Lombok for about 5 days next week to get a bit of wild footage but will be going back around April to Lombok and Sumbawa
    Have just rented a house in Sanur for 2 years so maybe one day we could catch up.
    Cheers for now
    Rick Powell

  121. chris says

    what will the surf be like and weather in may time guys, just planning my holiday for when i get back from afghanistan in april…
    please reply

  122. Juligan says

    Hey Slim, I’ll be in Bali for a business trip in a couple weeks and managed to get two spare days to surf. I’m a little out of shape and probably be bodyboarding. Advice on surfing spots and equipment rentals please? very much appreciated!

  123. maggot says

    I mut be going blind or Slim is lost in his own website coz I will be buggered if I can find the Bali Street Maps.

  124. says

    surf spots, each location has it’s own map and there’s a big map of Bali at the bottom of the page that allows you to look anywhere (thanks to Google)

  125. Micheline says

    Hi guys,
    looking to go to Bali and live there for a few months.. maybe from october to december 2011. i realize that is wet season, does this really affect the waves? where do you recomend i live??

  126. Jeff says

    I’ll be spending a long weekend in Bali in early May. I’m not a super experienced surfer but would like to get out and have some fun. Is there a spot for beginner / intermediate level surfers you can recommend?

  127. danny says

  128. David says

    I’m coming to Bali next week and trying to decide which boards to bring. I only want to bring 2 due to airline costs. I’m definately bringing a 7’2″ board for bigger waves. Trying to decide between a 6’8″ that’s good on over-head down the line waves but not great for maneauvers or an all around 6’4″ that works great in average surf, but might not hold in to well on super fast sucking barrels. Any opinions would be most appreciated.

  129. Chris says

    Hey Slim,
    I’d like to get in enquire about some accomodation. The ‘contact us’ form on the website doesn’t seem to work. Is there another way I can check for vacancies at your Kuta place?


  130. Lia says

    Hello… I am looking for a veteran surfer named Curt Schwarz in Bali. Anybody knows him ? How can I contact him?
    Appreciate any help

  131. Steveo says

    I am in Bali late October and was wondering what the East Coast is like that time of year, a friend gave me a few quite spots to check out, can anyone give me any info

  132. peter says

    Is there any idea to go to Bali and surf in Dec-January? Or are there no waves? If ok is there any idea for kite surfing this period?

  133. Mouse says

    Can anyone help me out – next year June will be my first time to Bali and would like some info on accomodation ???

    Thank you
    South Africa

  134. Yung says

    I’m planning to go for surfing at coming July..
    Is it the right season for surfing in Bali??
    Actually it’s my first time… Can anyone give me some information?

  135. claudia roy says

    planning a trip somewhere for some surf and Yoga and have to say that Bali is on top of my list. Would you recommend it for end of Dec, early Jan? is is raining everyday .. all day ? or just a small shower from time to time? any hot yoga, surf, spa spot to recommend? thanks so much! Claudia

  136. Daniel says

    im going to bali late november and staying in kuta any good slabs or waves to suite bodyboarding on the east side? 🙂

  137. Arthur Pernot says

    Hey everybody ! First, thank you for this very interesting web site. I have a question, I will arrive in Bali at the end of december for 15 days and I would like to know which are the best places to begin and improve surfing. I mean, I do not want to go on big waves in reef but I prefer to start on beach break. Is there some beach break which work in this period of the year ?
    Thank you in advance.

  138. Amy says

    Hello, I’m planning to surprize my bf with a surf-trip to Bali, I’m a beginner-intermediate surfer (not much reef experience) and he’s very experienced. Was thinking of staying in Nusa Dua, but what are your recommendations for the best location to stay? looking at staying around april/May. Thanks heaps xx

  139. Tom says

    Hi, I would like to bring my kids (8 & 11 yrs.) in july. Who can recommend a surf-school at a not too crowded and safe spot?

  140. Jordan says

    Hey im coming to bali for the first time in may any advice and when is the dry surf season??

  141. says

    The best way Jordan is to do it yourself and take a tour back through our archived surf reports, but there is no starting or finishing date known to man for the season changes ?

  142. gypsea68 says

    hi i was looking for some advice. i live in perth and havent been to bali on a surf trip before but have been there a couple of times long time ago. my friend is trying to persuade me to take here and her two little kids to bali for a week in june. i want to surf, she wants kids club and a resort….any advice ….

  143. Jules says

    gday slim…i am interested to know if any of the photographers taking pics at the local breaks in bali are selling the pics they take to the surfers involved..? do you know if they sell them online or just try to sell thenm to surf mags..? any details would be greatly appreciated. cheers

  144. says

    Hi Jules, there are photographers at just about every popular surfing location here in Bali, and yes they are all willing, in fact very eager to sell their photos to any visiting surfer they can. Some of them have really high end camera equipment some don’t. So always take into account this when you are buying photos. eg: don’t try and screw down the price from a Local Photographer especially if he’s using 6-10 grands worth of camera gear.

  145. Diogo - Ericeira Surf Hostel says

    hello guys, hope all is well. Congratulations for your initiative all this and continue the excellent work. Let’s see if I can go there this year again. Hug Portugal – Ericeira

  146. Rob says

    Balian is not crowded because of Bali waves it is crowded because the locals have sold most of their land which allows more accommodation to built and house people at places where once only people willing to rough it could stay, It is the same in Medewi and there is also a airport going to be built in the North of Bali and hotels are being built everywhere up there plus there is a super Bi pass road going to be built which will link the kutafication all the way up the coast day trippers from Kuta are going to increase a million percent ,like everywhere else in Bali it’s crowded as hell but the waves are still sick just smile get your waves and enjoy what else can you do except stay home and help the numbers drop

  147. Paula says

    Hey slim
    Love ya Site and the twitter feed. We are heading to Bali in August to surf for the second time this year… Last time in march stayed canggu and fell in love with it. Waves at that time were mostly in Nusa dua.. Clean, around 2-3ft. Thinking of staying in nusa dua this time.. What are the waves like over there around August? Or is there somewhere else that has small But clean waves? You’re a legend.. Thanks 🙂

  148. Rohan says

    Hey I’m coming over Friday 20th September I’ll be surfing alone and wondering if you have just day packages or only weekly? Cheers

  149. Panther says

    Hey I’m coming to Bali in late December for New Years where will the best surfing spots be and what’s the best way to get to them

  150. julio ernesto cordones denis says

    many greetings and many regards from panama city republic of panama to all bali surfers.

  151. Big Willy says

    Hi Slim,
    Im coming to Bali in the second week of November 2013.
    Where will be the best surf conditions that week, I will be bringing my Stand Up Paddleboard.
    Also where are the best bars to go to pick up the sexy ladies.

  152. ivaldo bertazzo says

    please can u organize special program surf for my son, 21 years old, medium experience, can be out side bali, other island, tour boat with a group, we wil be in bali 11 jan. to 2 febr 2013

  153. Davo says

    President of the Asian chapter of “SUP Riders International” , Mr.BEN.SUP-CHONG…., has reported that ; Stand Up Paddle riders have apparently organised thier own “SUP float ” , to appear at the Gay Mardi Gras next year .
    This exciting news also coincides with the anouncement from the Australian SUP Association President , Mr. Wayne.Kerr …, That the Gay Mardie-Gras will also co-incide with the Grand opening of the new “SUP Superstore” in Oxford street Sydney, which will also be the new headquarters for SUP International.

  154. sunny b says

    Will be in Bali with the fams in jun, july, for about 14days, wanna bail on the fams n hit up some breaks, have never surfed indo, so, where should i start for a intermediate chilled aussie dude??

  155. Big Willy says

    It is gay willie, and hopefully it won’t take on in Bali, ever ! So don’t even write anything about it on thank you. Next time I won’t be so easy on you 🙂

  156. Jezza says

    SUPs….sheesh. When I stayed with Slim in August there was one guy out at Balangan. It was a wonder he didnt kill anyone. Mate he was out of control with a giant lump of fibreglass in overhead waves…..keep them at home in 1ft beachies where they belong 🙂 Funny Davo 🙂

  157. NICO says

    Hi, congrats for the web.
    Mi name is Nicolás, I´m from Uruguay (small country in South America), and i am planning to visit Indo on May. I had been surfing for 10 years but my girl friend is starting now. I need to ask us if you know in Bali which beach could be more adequated to start surfing, rent board, small o medium wave ( max 5ft), without big crowds,etc. Do you recomend any hostel o cheap place to stay?
    Thank you very much. Nico

  158. Tenielle says

    Hey, I’m heading to Bali in late march and thinking of staying in seminyak what are the best surf spots close to ?

  159. Tony says

    Hello heading over in July staying around Tuban brining 15yr old son intermediate surfer looking for some breaks within pushbike distance that he won’t get ripped up on to bad. Looking at Airports and Kuta reefs?

  160. shaka says

    baliwaves is my daily fix of Bali, i also follow ya’s on twitter and instagram

  161. Peter says

    Hi slim. Can you recommend a good cheap place to stay at Balian? (30 & 31 August 2013?)

  162. Sue says

    Hi I am staying at Sanur and am a beginner/intermediate surfer. What would be the best place and time for me to go for a surf (need to hire a board)?

  163. sitizen says

    Thinking about moving to bali for a year or so with the family.Your fourm slim has been helpful but have a few more basic questions if you get some time, any info for us is a step in the right direction. Thanks Chad I’ll send over a e-mail and see where it goes!

  164. Davo says

    Hi Bob , things are not going as well as I expected in the surf of Bali on my SUP . Everywhere I go these stupid short boarders keep hassling me , and calling me a hopeless wave hog, and then they all try and tell me to go in and surf the lagoon???
    …., Lagoon ??? I don’t get it ? I think they are only jealous of me because I am always on the wave before they are …, plus I think they are also jealous of me because I can paddle out the back fast enough just in time to get the next set wave as it comes through – which I always take.
    But its not always that easy Bob, because when I get hit by any sizable whitewater on the way back out, I sometimes get washed into the rocks on the inside.
    Another thing Bob , is I didnt realize how hard it was control my SUP in some of those waves , as they seemed to have much more power than my waves at home , and some of those crowds can be heavy at times on that main peak , and when I lost grip of my SUP every time I got caught inside with those other short boarders a few of them got clobbered by my SUP !!! , and one guy even had to go to hospital , but what do those idiot’s expect, they shouldnt be playing around in the main peak when their are “big trucks” that need lots of space around them , they should have gone to a quieter place to surf if they can’t handle it …,ahhh those idiots , how hard is that to work out LOL

    Another thing too Bob is that these shortboards idiots try to tell I dont have the experience to be hustling or even claiming all for the best sets in the main peak , Experience HA , I’d like to see those morons cart this SUP up and down the cliff and do rad turns that send “Rooster Tail sprays off my paddle” , and experience , double HA – I had the experience to get all the waves didnt I !!!
    I did meet some other cool SUP guy who seemed nice , but he told me to settle down and mellow out and to try to get a few quiet waves down the end section away from the crowd , even though he was a nice guy ,I reckon he was real pussy not to take on the main peak like I did .
    …., Anyway Bob i reckon if we team up together , we can even take over Ulu’s and all the breaks all for ourselves – those stupid shortboarders wont stand a chance .
    Cheers bro – SUP”s 4 EVA…,
    Ps ; other than my surf hassles Bob , Bali has been a real Blast, its been by far my best holiday ever, and the locals here are the coolest and friendliest people ive ever met (except for the ones out in the surf who didnt understand that I had more rights to the best waves on my SUP than they did – because Im the one spending the money here …., oh well , you cant please everyone can you ?

  165. Don Corleone says

    “I can paddle out the back fast enough just in time to get the next set wave as it comes through – which I always take.”

    “we can even take over Ulu’s and all the breaks all for ourselves – those stupid shortboarders wont stand a chance .”

    “I had more rights to the best waves on my SUP than they did – because Im the one spending the money here”

    Class quotes from an arrogant idiot, I can think of so much abuse for you, but you paint a better picture of your selfish self Davo 😀

  166. Clintos says

    Can any one recomend a good right hand break for this time of year? Think 3-4 foot right hand (natural stance front hand wave) thanks in advance

  167. Gifty says

    Heaps of good info here slim, top stuff indeed!
    Though I still can’t find any wedge info?
    Can anyone tell me where I can find some wedges & beachie launch ramps around Bali ?
    Suitable for my mate n I who are coming over in march to get our esky lid on !
    Hanging out for this trip big time , can’t wait & again awesome site here!

  168. Matt says

    Hi all,
    I’m heading back to Bali soon and wanted to know if anyone has further details about the new hotel at the front of Grand Nikko Bali which has built a groin / rock wall to the left of the existing rock wall??? It can be seen on googlemaps.
    Just wondering if and how its affected the surf there??

  169. Jon says

    Hi Slim, I’m staying with relos soon, who live next to the volcom warehouse near Banjar Segara, and want to have a surf out the front, which I haven’t done since before the breakwalls were made and pantai jerman was getting washed away!
    I’m just enquiring what the cost/rough estimate is of the boat taxi on a jukung to get out to Kuta reef or Airport reef is these days, as it’s just down the road. I hear it’s Rp50k-Rp100k, depending on nego skills. Thanks.

  170. Philthy says

    Hey mate, heading to Bali soon staying in Kuta for a mates wedding early to mid may n was just wondering where you would recommend we go for a paddle? Cheers

  171. Mike says

    Heading to Kuta at the end of April for a couple of weeks. Looking for any god spots to get back into surfing, it’s been awhile and just looking for clean smallish waves.

  172. says

    The beach breaks will be the place to start off Mike, there’s some really good ones from Kuta to Legian. You might even get the right conditions for a wave out on Airport Left even.
    Happy Surfing

  173. Eli James says

    Salutatuions distant amigo,
    Headed over from Darwin to Bali beginning of June.
    Could you please share some of your valuable knowledge for the intended adventures of a single male.
    Plan to travel around the coast for 3-4 weeks.
    Would like to experience 1stly the surf, 2ndly the fishing, 3rdly the dive.
    Will hire to drive Jalopy/ Suzuki.
    Need to hire long board (I eat too many chips & gravy).
    No need for fancy accommodation. Will even camp.
    I have read the feed on this forum. Just wondering if you had anything to add?
    Would appreciate any feedback.
    Cheers in advance dude.


  174. Craig says

    Can you advise any good spots to go during the wet season. And how wet does it really get during the wet season?

  175. says

    If the wind is gusty how does that make the water dirty er.. Steve ? if anything Nusa Dua has the cleanest water through Dec / March. It gets as much rain as anywhere else in the “wet season” maybe an early morning and afternoon / night shower. basicall hot day time temps.

    Nusa Dua has the cleanest beach in Bali with your classic clean white sand, shandy deck chairs with umbrella’s etc etc

    Unsurfable for weeks….. you are now full of crap dude.

    I’m sure the locals in the area eg: Banjar would love these people’s business what do you think… ?

  176. Shaun says

    Hey slim. Going to be in sanur this coming weekend. Was wondering if you could recommend a surfing guide for a couple days…..sat nov 22 and sun nov 23. I know it’s short notice but any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  177. jack says

    Just a bit of a courtesy comment, if you Gona go Down for the dawny at Nusa dua the boats don’t start running till 9 so don’t do the paddle out at low tide with no bootys because when its not deep enough to paddle its a long painful walk on that reef, and it sucks ass. Happy surfing yeeeewwww

  178. Stein says

    Hey Slim!
    I am currently studying abroad in Australia for next few months and I am writing my research paper on surfing and it’s culture. I grew up Lake Tahoe, California and have been skiing all my life, so I am really interested in the outdoors and the culture that is associated with skiing/surfing. I am given the allowance of a one week trip to help me with broader research. I have been speaking with some local surfers in Sydney and they told me if I had the chance, that I should go to Bali. Now, I’m wondering if there is anyway you can help me with any suggestions or travel tips! I am also more than happy to speak directly through a private email conversation. I’d really appreciate it! Thank you !

  179. Peter says

    Going to be in Bali late April. Love to hang 10 & cruise longboard style but can also handle bigger faster waves, although prefer to ride 7′-10′ single fin boards. Definitely plan on medwei/Balian, but any other must visit places this time of year? Also do you recommend Lombok?
    Any contacts for a guide or driver this time of year very appreciated.

  180. Manyana Pete says

    Slim in OZ
    If ya got time on your hands
    Come on down, Im sure you’ll get a few waves @ the island & heaps of beers,
    If not see you in Late May, need another strat

  181. says

    Hey Pete, had nearly 3 weeks at Mum’s but pretty well just slept the whole time, my holiday… Pete please don’t say that about about a Strat, you know I do mate I will never be satisfied when it comes to the Strat. I’m already counting down the days

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