Airport Left

Airport left is as the name says in front of the airport runway in Tuban, about 1.5 kms south of Kuta Reef and about 1km offshore. Once again, the go is to hire a local boat to get yourself out there, that way you can save your energy for the waves.

Wet/Dry Season
Dry Season – April/October

Best Swell Direction

Best Size
4-5ft Airport left starts to close out if it’s any bigger than that.

Best Winds
SE Tradewinds

Crowd Factor
Airport left can also get crowded, and is a favourite with Japanese surfers. It’s not a super hollow or powerful wave and the waves only run for about 50-70 mtrs.



  1. Sean Stanley says

    Surf airport lefts every year in August September as they are just out the front of our hotel. Best at 4 to 5 foot and provide good shacks on the right tide. Vibe in the water has always been good and only seen one punch up in the water in 20 years and the seppo deserved it. Bali still an amazing place.

  2. jorge says

    I surfed there today an the waves were so much fun! I was wondering if you know this old buy in a red board taking photos since he probably got one of me, if there is a website or email I would really appreciate it. Thanks

  3. karl johnston says

    hows it ?
    just wondering how you guys take a break out on airport being its so far from the beach .

  4. Jon says

    Hi Slim, the new look baliwaves website is great! Also just enquiring if there are any Ding repair guys that you would recommend around the Tuban area? Thanks

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