Type of break:
– Right hand river mouth with a reef/rock bottom
– Left hand sand bar with a sand bottom
– Left hand reef break

There are the 3 main breaks at Canggu but there are also a few more options in the area easily accessible from Canggu. Or a short drive north / south. On small days in the waist to head high range there are waves to suit every one. But as it reaches the head to double head high the right hander at the river mouth turns on and can really pack some punch. Likewise with the Sandbar and Left hand reef break right in front of the cafe’s.

Best wind:
North: North North East. Canggu can be pretty much surfed all year round. During the dry season the early mornings have the best conditions before the ESE – SE Tradewind kicks in. Wet season, anytime the wind is relatively light.

Best tide:
Usually Canggu needs a bit of water so around mid to high on the run in and then high to mid on the run out.

This place can get pretty busy through the dry season but get up early and with the right conditions you should have a ball.



  1. Davo says

    Anyone know if berawa beach gets good and how far it is to walk from berawa to to main spots at canggu?

  2. lyn says

    Berawa is a 750 meter walk east of Tugu paddle inside reef on an outgoing tide to catch the rip …. its OK but more of a shore beachbreak most of the time

  3. Carl says

    Hey fellows.. I was just wondering if there are any decent waves close to legian??

  4. says

    there’s a lot of good beach breaks up there and if you look down to the south you’ll see the Outer Reefs 🙂 Canggu in the other direction

  5. Carl says

    Thanks for that mate. It’s my first time over there and looking forward to it.
    Thanks again man

  6. Steve says

    Hi, I am going to Canggu next month and considering staying at “Puri Dajuma Beach Eco Resort” or Echoland B&B”. Are either of these close enough to a good break and if not any other recommendations?

  7. Phil says

    Hey there, quick question. Would be worth while hiring a car ourselves or use a driver to get around Bali, especially going to Canggu and Uluwatu.

  8. says

    Hey Phil,

    Depends how use to crazy traffic conditions and suicide drivers ? plus cops, petrol and finding your way

    drop me an email


  9. gaz says

    hey there,just wondering if canggu rivermouth is south of echo beach and south of oldmans? also where is brawa beach? thanks heaps

  10. says

    Nah it’s the other way round, but those waves of Brawa and Old Mans are pretty ordinary waves, very popular with the Euro sector, mini mals, sups……

  11. gaz says

    cool. thanks slim! is there any decent waves north of echoes? can u recommend anywhere around canggu this time of year?

  12. Xtof says

    Hi I’m heading to bali in 2,5 weeks and was wondering how Canggu will be around this time of year? and also where is the lefty sand bar?
    love your site, I received the report every day and it brings me a little bit of Bali time every day ;o))

  13. Barry says

    Can you advise where I can take my son 18 ‘only med surfer’ and myself on 8ft mini mal would be able to go without the crowds prefer right handers 3-5FT

    Thanks Mate

  14. mattio says

    take you and your son to the beach breaks of kuta and legian Bazza !!!leave the reef breaks to experienced surfers..please

  15. christian says

    hey guys, working in singapore for the last few months and wanted to head over to bali for some surf for a couple weeks but have no idea where to stay and dont have any boards with me, wheres a good affordable place to stay close to somehwere good like uluwatu or something and any selection of boards to buy up there?

  16. joanne says

    Hi can you tell me I am taking 11 year old fearless to Bali surfing 5years where do you suggest I take him surfing and where can I hire a surfboard approx 5 fth 4 to 6? thanks jo ps in January

  17. baz says

    are there any easy sand bottom waves near changu for a beginning 6y old just progressing from soup to learning to ride green? Or are there better locations in Bali for that

  18. Jon says

    How many People does this mean? And it’s a beachbreak, isn’t it? So you should have different breaks or not?

  19. Jackson says

    Hey, I’m staying in Legian in May but am wanting to do a day trip to Canngu for a surf. Am I best to get a driver to take me from legian and how long will it take? I will have my board with me

  20. Ken says

    Thanks for the best (original) Bali surf report website, no other site posts as many photos as the baliwaves. Cheers Kenny Bowsker

  21. Steve says

    Thanks again for all the free photos and surf reports from all over Bali and Indo.

  22. Alli says

    Hey guys, im thinkinh of going body boarding today what is a good beach for that? Is echo beach good or more for surfing and more experienced surfers?

  23. George says

    Hi there, I am planning to go Canngue in the end of Oct. Is it a good time?Heart there might wind. And can I rent a sup there? Or any sup spot there?

  24. Cee says

    Hello there, I will be in Bali from mid October till the 25. I was last year In June and took 4 days of lessons and managed to advance catching the smaller waves and the rarely a head high one. Could some one please shed some light on what beach would be appropriate during mid October to late October. Is cangu a good place?

  25. Ian says

    Hey there, great site! Just wondering what the waves are like along the stretches of beach around Seminyak/KuDeTa area. Coming over at Easter but only for a week, more of a family holiday so limited wave hunting time. Appreciate any info. Thanks 🙂

  26. Sam says

    Heeey, going to Canggu in july, just wanted to know if its more beach break or reef break?
    I’m looking for beach break for a non-advanced surfer! Would love some advice/info.
    Cheers (:

  27. Lee says

    Hi how’s it going, where is the best spots for surf in December, looking at canggu , keramas, or nusa Lembongan thanks

  28. Tom says

    Great site guys! Any ideas on some spots in Bali for an intermediate surfer, coming back from injury, to be clearer, not a beginners wave but something fun and not too hahardcore? Thanks!

  29. Leandra says

    Where can I leave some things if I go surfing at old mans. Just getting there by taxi.

  30. says

    Thieves in the Canggu / Sandbar area have been rampant for years and with all the new construction workers camped right there near the car park make sure you leave nothing of value in your car or under your bike seats

  31. Gus says

    I would like to rent a board for about a month in Canggu, do you guys have any place to recommend? I’m a beginner, thanks!

  32. Shane Dillon says

    Hey…..heading to Canggu in just over a week, for a week…staying in villa about 800m from Echo Beach…hopefully only a 10 minute walk. What sort of conditions can I expect in early October in terms of wave size. Not sure whether to take 6’3″ bigger board or settle for 5’10” Hypto Krypto as more of an all rounder. And from Echo Beach is it much of a walk north or south to find other peaks? Cheers….

  33. Yana says

    Hi there, I am heading to Bali to advance my surfing skills, but still have no idea where to go. Ive been surfing for a year, 7ft hybrid, but I’d still call myself a beginner. Where would you recommend to go for an easy 2-4 ft wave, but away from people with foam boards? I’d really like to progress from beach to reef breaks, if possible. Thank you!

  34. Tim says

    Hey just confirming, the 3 main breaks at canggu are kind of north and in front of cabe cafe and the hurley store?


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