Green Balls

To get to Green Balls just head out towards Ulu and follow the signs to the Bali Cliff resort and you’re there.

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Wet Season

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Green Balls is situated at the bottom of a cliff, to get down there you have to follow a stair case of around 500 odd sized steps. No worries going down but after you have been surfing for a couple of hours the return leg is a bit harder. You can always pay someone a couple of dollars to carry your things for you to make it a bit easier, crowds are not a problem here.



  1. Melodie says

    Just found your site- I’m coming out to Bali around mid Nov and am really keen to learn to surf (having only done it a couple of times) but I’m a bit worried about the size of the waves and getting in peoples way- is there anywhere you’d recommend for a beginner?

  2. Matt says

    Hi Melody,green balls is not really suited to a beginner as its a lot of work with the stairs then a decent paddle and lots a moving around getting in position picking the right ones that wall through properly!Just surf the beachies sure there crowded but hey its crowded here too.I would suggest you get out there as much as you can before you go and get lots of paddle fitness and surfing in as you can cause you still have a cuople of months-rip it up-Matt

  3. Toti says

    Hi there

    I used to surf in Brazil for 8 years in Buzios, Itacare, Jericoacoara and the likes…Absolutely fabulous. Let me know if you want to know more. Having said that I guess its time to try something different so Bali here we come…..! I am also planning on coming down around mid November. I am just a bit worried about the weather…is it still OK or do I have to wear my goggles while surfing…;-) Oh yes, I plan to arrive with just a bag pack so I depend on the you surf buddies to help me out when I arrive. What’s the best place to meet you surf brothers…? Is Kuta the best place to stay after a good day of catching waves?

  4. Trev says

    Comin to Bali on 22nd Nov for work christmas trip, have been tossin up whether to bring board looks like the swell hasnt been great last couple of weeks. Lookin at Green Ball or Canggu would prefer less crowds any recommendations as have to fit in with others.

  5. dean says

    gday peeps!! im headin over in october. ive been to bali 4 times n ive never surfed green balls. just wondering if the place is surfed during that time. like are the winds bad there at that time?

  6. Danny says

    To all you lazy people asking everyone about what the place is like. google it and check the reports yourself just like everyone else does.

  7. Adam says

    @ Toti, stay in xxxxxx. Don’t need that poor xxxxxx attitude. All you guys hope for in life is to become pro one day so you drop in on everyone trying to get your pathetic cutbacks in a magazine or in your amature videos which will most likely lead to nothing except a hate for xxxxxx the world over.

  8. Kei says

    Come to Bali n enjoy the time with more more great area for surfing. I’m Indonesian, my pleasure guys to be ur friend or host awhile u in Bali.

  9. wade says

    Why in the Lord Jesus Christ’s name are they all right’s during the Wet season???? Isn’t Bali the land of lefts? What are the odds????

  10. barbara says

    I would visit with my family during Chritmas…
    I have children they know how to surf but some of them are begginers, not the others…Which spot do you recommend me?

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