Impossibles is located between Bingin and Padang Padang, so if your at either of those two places you can see whats happening at Impossibles.

Wet/Dry Season
Dry Season – April/October

Best Swell Direction

Best Size

Best Winds
SE Tradewinds

Crowd Factor
Impossibles does not get very crowded, because it is such a long stretch of reef there are a few different take off spots. This wave when lining up good can be a very long and fast wave, usually when wave height gets above 5ft and the tide is mid range you can expect some very long waves.



  1. Corrie says

    Can someone help? I’m a beginner / intermediate surfer. Surfed in bali before, 2 to 3 ft kuta reef, 2 to 3 ft ullluwatu, 4ft playgrounds. Am looking at traveling to bali and lombok. Can someone help me find good waves that would suit me, other than where I have been.

  2. Mitch says

    Just got back from Bali… I would say I am intermediate level… Dreamland was fun, a bigger break at the main beach which is quite soft but looks fast (I just watched as it got up around 4pm and I was stuffed from the morning session… otherwise I would have gone out)… also there is a nice little right hander off to the side that breaks more regularly…

  3. D says

    Hey Corey,
    I recently got back from a boat trip to Lombok on XXXXXXXXXXX, we found surf for all levels and was very well looked after. A good crew and captain is the key for safe fun surfing in Lombok. There were a few guys on board who were beginner/ intermediate and went really well in fact there surfing got a lot better from riding good quality long waves every day. When it got big or a bit scarey they would sit in the channel and paddle in and grab in betweens and ride on forever. We met some guys in the line up who were biking all over the place, but i think the boat got us to the best waves and spots every day without any worries or hassel and very affordable, plus every one really looked out for each other. thats my advice, hope it helps.
    Cheers D

  4. Davo says

    The worst thing about Impossibles is all the “KOOKS” that sit on the inside , and paddle over the shoulder in front of a surfer already on the wave .

    This wave is too fast to be steering around “KOOKS ” , and when those IDIOTS make you go around them , you miss the section more times than not. Plus you also put yourself and that surfer in danger by doing so.

    Listen up “KOOKS” ….., If there is a guy taking off , or already surfing the wave , ” DO NOT ” under any circumstances , paddle in front of that surfer , in order to save your weak, sorry, nancyboy asses from being caught inside on the sets .

    It is YOUR DUTY to – ALWAYS paddle ” BEHIND ( to the rear of ) ” the surfer who is up and riding (or taking of )and do a duckdive behind him like a MAN , even if it means you get worked … Do this – and you will get respect .

    This IS and has ALWAYS been the rules for 40+ years , Obey or go home !!!!
    If thats too hard for you KOOK , then go back home to your MOMMA !!!!

  5. Jezza says

    Davo, sounds like you had a relaxing time surfing at Impossibles. Let me know your address so I can mail you a box of tissues for you to wipe away your tears. Can I suggest also that you stop whinging so much and perhaps spend some more time in the water, improving your surfing. Then you might stop blaming others for your inability to make sections. You do make a somewhat valid point here, but I just have to shut you down here because you just sound like such a sissy

  6. Davo says

    ahh ha ha ha ha lol lol , jeez jezza you crack me up ha ha ha lol
    …, if your not part of the solution jezza – Then your part of the problem !!! ,
    It sounds like your a shoulder sitter jezza , who constantly gets in the way ,
    …, and as for shutting anyone down jezza , the only shutting down your actually capable of , is when you sit on the shoulder (like you do) and shut down the lip on people who are already up and riding , ie; when you blindly and cluelessly paddle for their waves without looking . Which is also another carinal SIN .
    BTW – Hows your Surf School lessons comming along Jezza ?

  7. gordo says

    Some valid points from both sides; Davo, Jezz. I found when growing up at my local beaches it worked out roughly like this and seemed to work well. If you cant paddle out of a riders way stop paddling and get flogged and let the person ride. If riding and can’t go round a person paddling over the shoulder without putting yourself at risk of a flogging just ride over them.
    This does result in afew injuries but there is risk in all things and most people work it out real quick.

  8. gordo says

    Had a quick beer with a few mates down the road and thought I better put a clarfication up before i get derided for calling for blood on the Bukit.
    If it is 2″ at impossibles should you chill-out and try enjoy it?
    Similarly if it is 6″ should you be out?
    A bit of commonsence should be used at all times,

  9. says

    Well said Gordo, but we all know your first comment is right on the money, that’s what it is. No real surfer with any brains would paddle in front of a surfer up and riding when one’s self is paddling out, simply because I’d rather be rolled by just the wave and not being run down like a road kill by a possible, out of control surf school graduate.

  10. Gav says

    Where is a good spot for body surfing?
    Havn’t quite got the hang of the board yet but still want to get some.


  11. Saxk says

    Man people talk alot of trash, its like a Rebecca Black ‘Friday’ chat on youtube. Everyone that can not get barrelled, or surf ulu’s at 6ft in not a kook. Of course you should surf with in your limits and if ulu is 3m ill not be wet, BUT everyone has to learn, im off to impossibles this morning to try and get away from the corwds, sure i can get waves at ulu but it can be hard with so many great, experienced surfers out. I’m no kook, but im no prof neither.

  12. says

    Nice point Saxk, “everyone should surf within their limits” and we don’t learn in double to triple head high reef / rock breaks right. Where should one learn to surf, and I mean continue to learn and PRACTICE until one is competent and no’s the etiquette of surfing ? ON THE BEACH BREAKS AWAY FROM EXPERIENCED SURFERS, I’m sure you would agree ?

  13. K Dog says

    People, take note of Slims reply to Saxk, have been surfing for most of my 50+ years and have seen some, shall we say interesting and downright stupid moves in the lineup. Dropping in obviously is and always has been the cardinal sin though these days it has become the norm?? Still, if we lived in a perfect world and surf etiquette still applied, in these days of out of control crowds there would still be aggro and carnage anyway. Yes Slim is on the money when saying if not competent, practice on the beach breaks while gaining confidence and competence before paddling out at overhead Ulus or those freight train lefts at Padang, that way everyone gets to enjoy that post surf Bintang insted of being patched up because of a wayward missile. That said, chill out and relax brothers, if you dont score that wave you can be sure there will be another one soon enough with your name on it.K Dog

  14. BAZ says

    The point being made was any competent surfer knows u have to take a licking sometimes u always paddle into the whitewash not towards the open wave face if it is going to obstruct the line of the person riding that wave, the reality is this is now a norm in all of Bali line ups because they have been penetrated in high volume by euro surf school kooks these people are not surfers they are imported consumers trying to by their way into the surfing culture it is really sad to see that the surf companies have played such a big part in all of this,the inconvenience of many 4 the profit of few, Bali is still beautiful the people are cool the weather is awesome and the food and waves are killer watch the conditions hustle surf early move around and u will get waves if the kook element bums u out to much try some other islands plenty of places to surf chill and get away from people

  15. davo says

    Good points Baz, Slim. and Kdog …, except I dont agree totally with all the points raised .
    ” Acceptance ” of kooks getting in the way and ruining the lineup is one I dont agree with…., If it was on the road (ie- in the traffic ) youd blast your horn at them at least …, so in the surf you need to give em a similar earfull and put them in thier place.
    Most of these kooks are so unaware of whats expected of them that theyll even blame you for gunning towards them , so how else are the gonna get that message to sink in ????
    Its better to slightly put yourself out “to ram down the rules ” , then to have them continuously ruin the bulk of the best waves , when they continue getting in the way – time and time again being none the wiser along the way ….,
    The polite explanation only works with a very small minority (or young groms)…, therefore the bulk of these kooks wont give a rats arse about stuffing up your waves, as their only care is about themselves only and no one else …, so therefore return their attitude back on them and …, ” give em heaps ” , its the only way to get the message through their thick skulls and …, its an earfull of education they urgently need to get (in life; sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind ) .
    The kooks must be forced into learning the rules and they also have to pay their dues (over many years) by putting in the time and effort, by giving the respect to Locals ,Elders, the Ocean , and learning from more experienced surfers than themselves – if they wanna move further up the ranks ; just like all experienced surfers had to …, and there are NO Shortcuts , its the law of the jungle.
    Experienced surfers have always set the pace, and shall continue to do so ! …, and NOT give up and move away or relocate to different islands as Baz suggested , so that the egg heads can have a free reign to cause danger and uncordinated unruley mayhem in the lineup .

  16. says

    Now that’s FACTS !!!! They really need to be told they are kooks, pure and simple, they will probably need to “google it” to find out what it means though.

    I especially like the road comparison, hooting the horn, classic !

  17. K Dog says

    OK, thats it,you guys have got me fired up now, on reflection, when some kook has dropped in or tries to claw up the face in front of you when you’re in perfect position cause someone is too shit frightened to cop a beating in the whitewash through sheer ignorance or arrogance and displays no idea of what they have done, (euro surf school kooks spring to mind Baz,)will be returning the attitude back on them and giving them heaps Davo as being too laid back and letting these dipshits get away with it is not educating anyone as we had to be educated when paying our dues. Off to our Ungasan villa next week for a few weeks so will be putting into practice the art of persuading some of these no hopers the error of their ways. Your right Slim, know you should never assume though I reckon the majority of these clowns would never have heard of the bamboo ladder through the cave entrance or experienced the joys of carving on a single fin. (more pity them) Kooks, K Dog will not be driven away by your total lack of understanding and will be around for some time yet enjoying sliding into a few glassy ones in paradise. K Dog

  18. Jen says

    I wanted to try surfing, but having read all these comments, I can’t bear the thought of the clique. It’s bad enough as a Biker, but you guys seem to think your Gods! For something that’s apparently the sport of chilled out cool dudes there seems to be some real arrogance and even bigotry. Everyone has to learn the rules and techniques so I just don’t get how your macho nonsense is at all constructive to making everyone’s surf better and safer.

  19. Dan O says

    Everyone wants a wave now! Try and wait your turn! Watch and learn but like driving a car, be safe for you and others in the line up! Give a wave, get a wave! Why paddle out in a pack of 30 when there are less crowded waves near by? Relax, surfing is fun remember?!!!!

  20. kami says

    Hi DanO , I’m please to read you because I was so sad to think that I would not come back in Bali because I’m doing SUP after 45 years of surfing and be called ” a goat” challenging the mid section of Impossible on my 6’9″/28″/4.5″ home made, paddle stick high in the lip.
    I hope we will share some waves one day Dan O 🙂

  21. Davo says

    Jack and Jill walked down the hill , To Impossibles to kook it out in the water , Jack fell down and broke his crown , and Jill came tumbling after …..,
    – Moral of the story is; Dreamland is a better place for Jack and Jill’s to learn surfing and to gain experience while having fun – without putting themselves directly in the firing line or without getting in the way .
    Its hilarious that these egghead learners and wannabe’s expect the rules of surfing (that have been in place for 50 years) to all of a sudden change to accommodate them .
    PS- @ Kami , yes…, “GOAT” was an accurate description LOL

  22. kami says

    I remenber my last wave at Impossible, this was by the end of the swell, the corner near Bingin was busy, the mid section too fast and so, I tried my luck at the peak waiting for the set.
    We wait on the glassy surface a young Balinaise and me on the side and off the peak out of the crowd for the wave to come by the sunset lighting of its color the cliff and the balinaise country and we knew the chance to be here whatever we come from, smilly and happy just to be front of this scenery.
    A bigger set hitted Padang’s and I knew it was going to happen, my neigbour and me paddle further out and as I was in position for a late take off, I asked this local what he was going to do and replied me to go…what I did , coming almost back door, I caught the higher line as I can after the kind a bottom turn trew the pack ducking and messing the sweet spot of the waves and then get higher line as I can again and make the waves to the cliff’s boulders, finishing on a close out in a large bubble of water lighting by the sunset’s color. Step both feet on the slab. Perfect landing, back on earth.
    This is what I like to talk about this place.
    Have good fun and happiness to every body.

  23. Hayden says

    Hey everyone , I’m a 16 year old begginer bodyboarder have been bodyboarding for 2 years , is there a brake around Bali that is good but not full of intermediat surfers that I’ll get in the way of ? Cheers

  24. Johnsy says

    I agree learners should on the beachies were they belong.
    No one wants a board to the head off some kook

  25. Mike Anderson says

    Ahh dry season trade winds ramping up swells Qing up.. Got a brand new 8’0″ Doris Quad sitting at my m8’s house in Ungason new 610″ new 6’6″ same old 6’3″ and 6’8″ Can’t wait see you next swell.. And thanks for all the entertainment above..great reading in the Jakarta Traffic…
    And please yes for all those that don’t know and “there seem to be more of you every season” when in doubt paddle into the white water and out of the F ing way!

  26. Xxxx is a dick says

    It’s evident that xxxx was born without a brain. What a tool. If he had balls he’d not be so insecure so as to tout his surfing prowess online. He’s an insecure turd who likes to look in the mirror at night and affirm his sorry self because nobody else does. He’s lonely and afraid. He needs a hug but nobody will stoop that low. He belittles those he calls kooks when it’s evident he is a kook. awwww someone ruined his line. Waaaahh Waaah Wahh. What a cry baby. What a pussy. If you had the balls to speak to people straight up you’d not be venting online. When in the water if a person ruins my line we have a chat. I determine if they’re humble about it, if they were being intentionally inconsiderate, or if they’re innocently ignorant. To the degree they need it they are reproved and reformed. No need to whine online like stupid ass xxxx. What a vagina.

  27. Steven says

    Stop spending time complaining, the ones that dont understand the common sense in the water has some unpleasant experiences long overdue heading their way. Surfing is about enjoyment, not aggression, so stop wasting time proving points to one another when the obvious and only answer is “not to get in if you dont have the gonads to get wiped out”. We’ve all been there.

  28. Jerz Surfer says

    Initially, dreaming of trading ice cream headaches for clear, warm barrels in Bali this fall/winter, made me so excited I couldn’t even sleep. However, after reading this forum ,talking to some friends from OZ and seeing how everyone is so aggravated, negative and hostile, I may just stick to the West Indies like I usually do. Puerto Rico is mobbed too and I must say if I were on your side of the globe, the crowds in PR would dissuade me from going. I’m guessing the same can be said for Bali? It sounds like if I came there and got waves and didn’t bother anyone/get in anyone’s way, It’s a lose/lose because of the general negativity. I was looking forward to absorbing a new culture and surfing great waves; but is it really a trashy, crowded mess or am I just getting that all online ( which usually does always negatively spin negatively)?? I am a more than competent surfer, with many years of experience in all different types of surf. Surely I agree with not paddling in a surfer’s way and taking the beat down. I’ve taken plenty of 6 ft. (2m.). 32 degree (0 C.) thumpers, on the head,in the dead of winter. However, I like to have something called “fun” when I surf. I’m not out there to surf a heat, or be in a bad mood or mess with people. I’m getting away from the bad mood and the things that mess with me on land. I guess coming from a tough city and surfing NJ has given me an appreciation for how much time and dedication I’ve put into perfecting my sport given my geographical/climatological disadvantage(s). I feel genuinely bad for anyone who is anything but joyous in the water. If you want to have an attitude, go compete. I’d never want to deprive anyone of pushing their limits. I don’t want them dropping in on me, but usually if you smile and say hello to people they won’t do that. Now, as for the rest of you who still like surfing and not the attached drama: Are there some waves to be had , in Bali, for a surfer in his early 30’s with plenty of experience and stoke? I have never had a problem catching waves. I got dropped in on at rifling jetty break in Central America , took the kid out and lost a fin box. But that’s about it. Otherwise, I’ve managed 15 years of getting plenty of waves minus any altercation. Thinking of Oct/Nov before the big time rain starts. Say what? Have a great weekend everyone.

  29. says

    Hey Jersey,

    Don’t feel so negative before you even leave home bro, Bali is the place to be for sun, fun and the best waves in the World. Check out my surfing packages and accommodation options, we’ll take care of you and make sure you have the surfing vacation of your life.

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