Type of break:
Powerful right hander that can produce some deep tube rides over a reef and rock bottom.

Like any good wave anywhere in the World Keramas is popular. This place can be surfed from waist high right through to triple over head. Early mornings are best at Keramas and can also be surfed through the dry season if conditions are right. Best size is in the head to double head high class.

Best Wind:
North West to Westerly

Best Tide:
Normally depending on the Moon Phase at the time as long as there is enough water the rocks you should be ok.

Like most locations around Bali to beat the numbers you have to get up early, not too many bintangs the night before.



  1. reefrat says

    Keramas I surfed there late may early june what a great wave. Pitty about the locals
    drop in snake and baulk I take 1 little wave world war three erupts.
    After 11 trips to Bali no more
    I will spend my dollars else where maybe just at home
    Barlo’s out of the water what lovely people. In the water what sphincters (arseholes)

  2. Davis says

    They mostly learned all that aggro from visiting brazillians. I hope they’re proud of themselves.

  3. mick says

    Thanks for warning me about the Bali surfers, I was just starting to plan a surf trip with me and my 4 kids and i will now also spend my dollars somewhere else,
    Thanks for the tip reefrat.

  4. says

    Hey Mick ?
    Where’s a comment by this “reefrat” character ? if there is one he’s probably only dirty on Bali cause he caught the pox or something in the night clubs.
    If you are not an arsehole in the surf, keep smiling and be friendly NOT TOO MENTION BEING PATIENT you’ll get on fantastic with the local balinese surfers. or FOR THAT MATTER AT ANY LOCATION ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD WITH ANY LOCAL SURFER, right ?

  5. chris says

    Balos are all right, even in the water…(not to say there are not some pricks out there, there are.)…spose its a supply and demand thing 50 guys going for the same 10 waves ….youre gonna need some patience and good manners, specially if the locals are ripping…..same everywhere. With 30 years of surfing, dare I say, ive got a broad outlook….if its not cranking you should be happy with just a couple of good ones…..better than being at work. If your mind and body are all tuned up and you have the skills , youre gonna have some fun, make the most of the conditions youre in, tune in to the area youre gonna surf and be realistic…..sure sometimes youre gonna get a bit frustrated but not often……..

  6. chris says

    ….Oh …..PS….for fuck sake just as Slim says ‘smile’ at the locals…say hello, even say it in their language…..Respect….even if the sun does shine out of your ass….Show some

  7. Doc says

    I agree with chris. My experience in Bali has been if you are cool and friendly agro hardly ever happens. The only agro I have ever experienced from a balinese ( and I am talking about over 40 years now) was once when this hot shot dropped in on me and I wouldn’t give way. All the other incidents have been with Yanks, Brazil or Aussies.
    Keep ypor dollars reefrat. I know where I am going to be sharing mine.

  8. Reuben says

    I surf kermas july 2011. I ride a bodyboard and they say bodyboarders arnt welcome. i surf that break for 3 hours 3-4ft. and not one thing happened even ryan hardy was out and other pros.
    all you gotta remember is dont drop in.

  9. Christophe lebreton says

    Hi , having been going to bali since 1994, I ve seen a lot and some times it can be anowing I must agree, what I do I just sirf, be nice, and if someone drops on me I do the same as soon as possible… If they can do it so can I… Once and its all good… They usually get the message!!!

  10. Max says

    Well my take on surfing in Bali is that the locals are cool and a small percentage suck. The worst thing about surfing in Bali is the new wave of kooks surfing places that they should not. mostly Euro’s with no idea who drop in without looking then wiggle their arse in front of you without moving their board so funny and the ex pats think they are killing it. Bali is super crowded nowadays and getting more expensive so it is hardly worth an option to have a surf trip. I have been to Bali over 20 years now spending some time with 3 months stints etc. If you want a real surf trip jump on a boat. Those thinking they are going to Bali to score and have a great surf trip think again and take your money elsewhere because Bali is taking advantage of tourism boom. Let alone the taxes 21% government tax or 10% depending on the restaurant hotel etc but I am sure this tax does not get to government or the people who need it most and the service tax which I am sure the employees who deserve it for giving great service would go straight to the business owners pockets which usually is a wealthy Balinese or a fuckwit ex pat.

  11. says

    Well Max, I don’t really approve of your take on Bali, or your choice of swear words. As for Bali being expensive dude ? where do you live ? The Aussie dollar well over 10,000 Rupiah for 1 dollar. Restaurant tax, big deal if you want to eat in a nice resto when your on vacation, I’m sure it’s still only a fraction of the price you would pay in your local town, right. And for hecks sake your on holiday, are you not. Bali too crowded, well if your too lazy or too hung over to get your backside outta bed in the morning for an early surf you deserve to surf in crowds ? Get on a boat and go where ? spend a few grand for a 10 day surf trip with strangers ? book it a year in advance and get skunked or maxed out waves, sharing your waves with 3 other boat loads of wave hungry surfers… Yeah Bali is growing and why not, who wouldn’t want to come here ? perfect weather, perfect waves and great people etc etc etc.

    Bali is the gateway to Indonesia and an absolute wave haven for surfers, and if you have the right attitude your going to love every minute of your time over here.

    Cheers up Max and “don’t worry, be happy”

  12. Pig Dog says

    I spent 3 weeks Bali last August and fell in love with the place. I’m back home on the East Coast USA and really can’t wait to go back. I ran into alot of Aussies there though saying how I missed it and how much better it was 10, 15, even 20 years ago. I supposed when Gerry Lopez was first surfing Ulu’s it was a much different place, but then again I was playing with baby toys then too…I guess when you have close access to all the other islands in Indo you can get jaded with a “regular” place like Bali. But coming from the other side of the globe I felt like I was visiting another planet. That’s the case with just about everywhere in the world though I guess…nothing is the same as it once was. The surf was great but the people are what made it special (local Balinese) to me. I enjoyed my conversations and friendships made with everyday cab drivers and people I met i villages more than any surfer I met there. If you spend all your days along the coast only surfing hanging around (and complaining about) tourist surfers you’ve missed out on Bali completely in my view.
    The only concern I have is the amount of trash that seems to be showing up around Bali…on the beach, & dumped in empty lots. They really need to get a handle on basic sanitation there or they will destroy the island with the amount of people coming to Bali. Between the oceans, landscape and architecture, there’s beauty in every square inch of Bali, and it needs to be protected and kept clean for the future.

  13. simon says

    There seems to be mixed feelings from all of the messages on crowds, local behavior in and out of the water, etc etc. I’m busy planning a trip for this coming Dec for 20 days with my 2 kids and wife. Can anyone give some ideas on best location on the West side to stay as well as which are the waves that work for this time of year ?? Iv’e been to Bali once before, and my experience was awesome, locals are super cool and honest, speaking of honest, I left my camera in the cab and the cab driver turned back and delivered it back at my hotel. I was blown away by his honesty, where I come from (SA), the cab driver would have kept driving. Any recommendations would be welcome. I have been told Keramas is the spot for Dec/Jan (wet season) Cheers Simon.

  14. mark says

    just got back from bali and had a great time, heaps of waves and low crowds, keramas, nusa dua, serangan the trick to bali is to get up for the dawn patrol, 5am start. If you paddle out at mid day in most spots it’ll be hectic.

  15. brad says

    Bali is bagus and baliwaves is the only website worth checking out on the entire net. Love ya stuff baliwaves I can’t wait to come over and come surfing with you guys. keep all these high end photos flowing to us, yewww !!!

  16. James Jones says

    I want that 15% discount at G-Land through

    I’d also love to hang out with you guys while in Bali as well, the whole surfing packages you have sound great value, accommodation, surf trip plus photographer for 65 bucks a day, insane.

  17. Germany7 says

    There are problems every day with brazilians.
    Always dropping in… always without leaving the peak breath a bit…

    Most of the brazillians don’t give good vibes in the water 🙁

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