To get to Medewi you have to drive north west from Kuta for around 2-2.5 hours of hell traffic, best to leave early in the morning and beat most of it. There are also heaps of good river mouth set ups along the way, and rarely anyone surfing them. Just head towards Tabanan and keep following the main road.

Wet/Dry Season
Wet and dry season, early mornings are best as it gets easily blown out.

Best Swell Direction

Best Size

Best Winds
Early Morning/Light Winds

Crowd Factor
I’ve never had a problem with crowds up there, I think due to the distance from Kuta you have to travel. Also, because there are no night clubs for the party crew. You will also find the locals very friendly in and out of the surf. It is definitely a long workable wave, but you won’t find to many tube sections up there.



  1. surfpunk says

    I drive in 1.5 hours, but its a hell of a drive thats true! Check out the nearby Surfcamp called Brown Sugar right on the next Beach. There is a Local called Agus, he knows some incredible Beachbreaks around that Area. Awesome Choice….

  2. Hoges says

    chilled out and Malish is the way to describe Medewi. Lots of flat spots in a point wave -you wait for the end section. then paddle all the way back.The paddle out spot has the sharpest oysters or similar they never fail to cut-and paddling in has sea urchins between the slippery boulders,,wear boots.. But that is NOTHING compared to the trip along the “Hwy of Death” that gets you there.If in a car take video of the Indonesian stunt driving team in action – it never fails to amaze. Good luck..

  3. says

    Really I would like to thank everyone who has made a constructive comment, instead of being a critic. We can’t stop the surfing boom so lets try and pass on some experience to those in need. (nice thought anyway… :))

  4. Annie says

    I’m an old girl who loves to surf. I had the best surf I have ever had in Medewi. The locals are fantasic. Dream of going back.

  5. baz says

    Surf there every time i go to bali yes i am an old mal dog, next time you are there ask the locals about the old dog snaping his mal in late october, and it was only about 3 feet and not on the inside.I was given this board for my 50th birthday so my wife was not very happy(told me to take my old mal the one i take all the time)thats all I got for the rest of my stay.I must say thanks to the boat boys at the dynisty, for lending me a mal thanks Dr ding I will have somthing for you next year.Grate place Grate people GRATE SURF all over the island. PS REMBER if you dont do it at home dont do it in bali.

  6. Dean says

    I surfed Medewi on my 40th birthday trip 10 years ago and had some of the longest waves of my life. My mate had to dig the urchins out of his foot with a nail, but Tea Tree oil fixed up any infections. Take a bottle of Tea Tree oil with you everywhere. Loved the simple paddle out around the corner and the opportunity for the old school big cutties and rebounds. Just booked for my 50th this year and look forward to many long waves with my two sons. In 2001, I wore the old style, hard bottom booties, but found some modern super-flexible ones that I wore every day in Lombok last year. I think I’ll still wear them this year on Bali.

  7. madman says

    make sure you go see piping if you need a board or ding repair, a fair trader who manages rocksurf2 warong next to gede home stay, board hire food ect. Piping is a genuine guy and over the years has helped me out no end!!!!!!!! the best massages in the whole of bali are available at Marino,s right on the beach. these are fair dinkum traditional massages, if you want a bit of night life at medowie organize to go see the local volleyball match played under lights check at gede home stay for the local fixture, trust me its a night of sport you will remember for a very long time. as for the road of death get a driver and arrive alive!!!!!

  8. kevin says

    hi madman,

    you seem to really know the place. I have a possible week off in mid july. Given the short time and low budget I am thinking of going straight to Medewi to avoid crowds and score waves. I also have little space as will be on work trip to oz, so I will take my 7ft semi only, because I will try a day or two in Bali on the way out. Also just going to wing accomadation. What do you think. ta

  9. Patrucs says

    There is some surfing at Medewi in December,January?
    I will travel to the island in this dates and I would like practice the surfing in this spot.
    Is it ideal for mid-level surfers?

  10. Mark says

    I’m on a wave ski and have heard medwi is a suitable spot. My 14yo son rides a short board. Are we both likely to have a good surf?

  11. says

    Hi Mark, yeah it probably would. But remember conditions change it can be a nice and long wave for long or short board etc. Good place for day trips as there’s not a lot else to do in the immediate vicinity.

  12. Bunyip says

    Medewi has an annual swell reliability of 98% according to one website. If you stay more than a day you are guaranteed a wave. Mid to high tide is best – but it works pretty much every single day from what I can work out.

  13. Paul says

    Hi, i’m a bodyboarder, but I also surf occasionally and this wave looks fun for beg/med surfer. is there somewhere in the area i can hire a surfboard? Thanks

  14. says

    yeah it is a fun wave Paul and yes the local boys there have a lot of rental surfboards to choose from ! Plus there’s plenty of different priced accommodation right at the beach.

  15. tom says

    wanna stay for some weeks in Medewi in autumn 2012.could anybody recommend a nice and cheap accommodation , guesthouse???

  16. calum says

    this place looks and sounds fantastic!! me and my friend from Scotland are making the long trip over there next week, looking forward to seeing some serious waves!! however we are both very much beginners, been surfing for like 6 months and in scotland that doesn’t mean many surf trips 🙁 is there any beach breaks in the area that would be good to practice on? and recon this wave is manageable for the not to talented surfer?

  17. Kaila says

    Hullo. Maybe out of place comment.. Where is best place in Bali for an intermediate surfer in the dry season? 4+ft waves? Big Wave Beach in Hong Kong is a little to mild for me! 🙂

  18. says

    No problem you should come and try the Outer Reefs of Tuban, Kuta Reef to Airports and Canggu, there’s usually always a wave with some selection.
    Check out our locations on baliwaves.

  19. G says

    Hola! I am heading to Bali in Sept, can you tell me what will the condtions be like? Sea urchins :/ ouch

  20. michael says

    Hi Slim, mate of mine Roger Salmaggi says hi. I and a buddy heading to Balian this weekend. see swell forecast 6-10, wondering how big a board will need up around Balian and Medewi. Tossing up taking two 6 footers, one big chunkier for paddling on bigger days, other option is one 6′ and one 6’8″

  21. says

    Hi Michael, the best way to get my attention bro is direct email but seeing as though your a friend of a friend no worries.
    Unfortunately it’s not a good call to go to Balian with a solid swell in transit. It’s going to get big by Sat arvo and then way to big for Balian come Sunday and into Monday.

  22. Dave says

    You know em Slim. top site champ. Medewi is a sick fun little wave. like a left version of some of northern NSW pointbreaks. drive out is hectic but adrenalin packed due to the crazy traffic. Bali rocks. all of Bali rocks. love it. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeew

  23. michael says

    Brown Sugar Surf Camp has ruined this once peaceful, idyllic spot. A typical day involves enjoying the wonderful waves with the locals and a few tourists, only to have a group of 10 beginners from Brown Sugar paddle out to the main lineup and get pushed into waves by the surf guides. They are like guided human missiles, I’ve never seen so many collisions and near misses. It’s now like surfing a reverse Pass in Byron Bay. Congratulations Brown Sugar.

  24. Max says

    I been spending time in Medewi every year I visit for 30yrs now and I was there in August 2005 when it peaked with 15foot sets (Ulu’s was same size that day) and waves were washing through Gedes Restaurant and into the yard of the Hotel, that was definitely the biggest day I’ve seen there but I’ve certainly had plenty of 6,8, and 10′ days. And yeah what great place to kick back and get away from the crap down the south end of the island. G’day slim hope alls well mate.

  25. says

    Hey Max ! Cheers bro and all the best to you and the family as well. I bet you have a million experience’s of Bali / Indonesia to share with us how about a little bit more old mate.

  26. Max says

    yeah… seen all the young kids grow there and turn into surf nazis and gotta say those guys are ripping now which makes me look very old, slow and stale these days, the best two I remember were Gedes own sons who don’t even surf anymore although they love their volleyball and still hang around… and well… gotta couple of nice pieces of land up there in front of Pulukan beach for when I retire…hmmm

  27. Max says

    Also remember a young bloke from Oz in the late 90’s who had this brilliant idea of living in Bali offa the proceeds from a website he was putting together at the time… I’m still very jealous it wasn’t me doing that back then slim but I’m working on it now… Congrats buddy… you have achieved success and are living the dream, well done with this site!

  28. alison says

    Looking for the best surf area over CNY in Feb 2013 for two teenagers used to surfing in HK and the UK. Need some entertainment for parents as well. any suggestions

  29. Rod says

    Surfed there with three mates in 1977 had it all to ourselves all day at about 6′. Great fun easy wave

  30. Michael says

    MY son Jack and I have booked a trip in May for 14 days Medewi is where we want to stay can you please advise accomadation and advise who to book taxi with from airport . I ride wavedki Jack bodyboard and surfboard are there our places that would suit Jack.

  31. glen says

    mates of mine have recommended checking this place for a surf… i have a short stay in bali this coming march and was wondering about surf quality then. Seems like its still pretty good early mornings? even for the west coast in the wet season? Cheers

  32. chris wilson says

    comin to bali ,6 th trip in 30 years.60 y old body boarder.gonna try medewi.what do you think, mid to high tides pre 11 am ish i guess

  33. Dubjunky says

    I’m bringin my 9’4 mal to medewi for a week in June and I can’t wait. I surf the pass in Byron all the time w my 13yo son and lefts are a bit of a change! Gonna be on it every morning for a few slides!!!

  34. Lachness says

    havent been to bali since 2000 and could not understand the difference since 1982. got to medowie and 69$ for a room at the place on the point.
    Just busting to come over and surf everyday for a couple of weeks cruising and taking it easy. Any advice on accomodation for a single would be appreciated.(clean but not fancy OK) Was going to bring my fav single fin mal but if there are something similar available that saves all the travel hassles for a short trip i would be happy to pay for a lend/buy of a Mal from 8-9 ftplus or a long short board around 8 ft.
    Any suggestions appreciated.

  35. Phil says

    just back from my stay at Gede, nothings changed the last years. This spot can be so awesome if you now where the rocks are. Actually that good that surfcamps from Kuta ride their coaches full of beginners to this once quiet spot and it wasnt Brown Sugar as there were big Kima Surfcamp Surfaris sticker pinned on it. These amateur surfguides just throw them all in the lineups half of them got smashed straight away. Also these grumpy old guys with their harpoonlike malibus shooting like unguided missiles thru the way, useless to say that half of them ever get up (the board:).
    Cheers to all who know the rules!

  36. Dennis says

    Can anyone recommend a cheap homestay within a short walk of the main point. It’s hard to find a place on the web – most are not near the point. I am going to be at Medewi in first week of August, is it better to just turn up and find accommodation when I get there?

  37. Brendan says

    Hey Dennis, I had success just turning up & finding something in March (but it will be busier in August). I’d recommend Medewi Beach Inn – about 100m up the road from the point but accessible via back track only – keep a look out for the sign near Mei Malu on LHS heading to water. Avagoodtrip.

  38. Fin says

    Hey guys, Heading to Medewi last week of August. Whats the best way to get there from the airport for 3 people? And whats a fair price? Cheers

  39. pak tua says

    GEDE GEDE GEDE GEDE, this is the place to stay super cheap and good honest hard working bali locals. this is a surfers icon and not only do u stay right on the point you stay with honest folk. putu and augus still rock the volley ball courts of bali, and watch this space for putu and mades son Tude……pak joget lol not only will this kid rock the volley ball he will rock the bali dance and keep the culture. top family home stay , but be warned book ahead its small and popular +62 812 3976668

  40. says

    Hi all I’m in bali at the moment staying in seminyak. Can any one advise what the potential price would be for transport to medawi
    Thanks Glen

  41. says

    It’s a long drive on a dangerous road around 2hrs there and more like 3hr drive back to Seminyak. You would need to negotiate the price with your driver Glen

  42. Ian says

    Your doing a great job Slim!
    I suggest the critics buy themselves some of that TFU medicine and get back to Medewi. Ive been going there for many years and had one sea erchant get me which I puiled out of my bootie and was never troubled again. A touch of local lime juice may have helped also.
    As I say, toughen up boys……first world issues!!!

  43. Nigel says

    Hi slim.
    I’m looking to get to medewi in mid April. What accommodation is around the area and could i just rock up without booking. I’m looking to surf every morning and then cruise around and check the place out. I want to be pretty close to the beach and some air conditioning would be nice as well.

  44. says

    My friend has a brand new guest house 1 minute from the beach with air con rooms, he also happens to be the best surfer at Medewi and can take good care of you while your surfing in Medewi

  45. says

    Hi Nigel, My friend has a brand new guest house 1 minute from the beach with air con rooms, he also happens to be the best surfer at Medewi and can take good care of you while your surfing in Medewi

  46. Nigel says

    Sweet that sounds good mate.
    Can you give me some details of how to get in contact with him?
    One more thing, are booties a good idea?
    Never wore them always thought it would be quite difficult surfing in them. I have heard stories of urchins being a real issue.

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