Nusa Dua

To get to this reef you have to drive in to the town itself and then weave your way south, there are a couple of other good waves in this area also so it pays to do a bit of exploring.

Wet/Dry Season
Wet Season

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Crowd Factor
Nusa Dua can get crowded, but there are at least three different take off spots on this long stretch of reef. Wet season crowds are no where as bad as in the dry season. This is a powerful wave with some good tube sections, but there is usually a strong current that works against you. The reef is around 500 mtrs offshore and it’s better to hire a boat and save your energy for the current.



  1. roger says

    there is a big ole tiger shark making himself at home here at the moment,regular sightings. i recommend you dont eat fish before you go for a splash here, or hang a piss between waves

  2. Gogma says

    Keramas has the biggest tiger shark yet.. I seen it… not a nice sight.. do not go anywhere near the joint or you could be the shark ATTACK VICTIM MIKE..

  3. says

    Yeah I agree, Canggu is the only location in Bali that doesn’t have a huge Tiger shark oh yeah and Dreamland……. LOL

  4. Vin says

    I’m comming over in late december with my Wife and Kids, another mate is comming with his Family as well. Any recommendations for some good bungalows/villas over in Dusa Dua that wont break the bank?
    Vin Perth WA

  5. troy says

    Going to nusa dua late march – are they wind and waves still ok on the east coast then?? What are the closest waves to nusa dua besides the reef? Cheers

  6. jamie says

    I’m planning to come for a month from mid january. Any advice on surf spots, accomodation and do’s and dont’s in general would be much appreciated. Is it really sharky?


  7. says

    Hi Jamie, drop me an email through the contact links on my surf report page and I’ll give you the run down



  8. Andrew says

    I surfed Nusa Dua in 2000 and had the crap scared out of me by a big 8ft+ tiger shark hunting on the outer reef.

    I will be in Nusa Dua on Friday but won’t have a board. Is there anywhere I can hire a half decent stick? I don’t want to buy a new board either I am living in Hong Kong and don’t really have use for one apart from holidays.

  9. Jamie Rose says

    I am going to Nusa Dua in May. How is the surf around that time of the year? I’m not bringing my board because I’m only going to be there for 3 days. Traveling from Hong Kong, and I don’t want to drag my board from Cali to Hong Kong, then to Bali. Is there any places where I can rent a newer short board?

  10. sean scanlon says

    Hi guys,

    Heading to Bali in mid November for a week for honeymoon. I was thinking Nusa Dua would be a good base for the trip and was wondering if you could recomend a hotel that is located close to the surf.

    One that is good value would be great.


  11. Ben leggo says

    Hi, I’m in Staying in sanur, Bali. Just wondering what the pick of the surf would be on the East coast on Tuesday morning 28th of feb?
    Cheers, Ben

  12. Davo says

    yeah ben , sanur will be firing , its a spot that not even the locals bother with , plus its a swell magnet too .

  13. greg says

    It will be 3.7ft off shore at secrets on the 28th with a slight cross shore wind at 1036am. I would recommend moving to sumba on the 29th.

  14. butch says

    hey mate, just a young gun heading over to bali for a good time, wanting some bliss surf, went last year in november december , going same time this year i was wondering what would be cranking that time year, got uluwata real good last time, any places to stay also for 7 days to surf? much appreciated champ

  15. mel says

    thanks for the best website on the net. BTW I was surfing the net 🙂 and found a site from Europe (I think) called tragic seaweed. They were advertising up to date daily Bali surf reports and web cams…. but I couldn’t find any on their webpage for Bali. So I’m so glad I found this website.

  16. euan says

    Hey going to bali tonight at 3:30am, staying in nusa dua, wondering if there is any good bodyboarding spots nearby? pls help (:

  17. nick says

    Does Nusa Dua (and particularly Sri Lanka) get any surf between july and august? We’re planning a family trip there, but all the surf sites claim this side of Bali fires during the wet season… I’m not looking for the wave of my life on this trip, just want to know if it breaks at all this time of year. Thanks.

  18. says

    of course they will have waves bro, if there is any swell, and there usually is. Just got to catch the right tide early in the morning before the wind gets going.

  19. Barry says

    I stayed at the Putri Bali long time ago 20 yrs and I would surf of the reef in front of the resort was always good is it still the same

  20. Davo says

    Within this area, are many 5 to 6 star hotels who think /give the appearence, that they own the beach .The truth is “THEY DONT ” ……,
    You (ie tourist/locals/anyone) are completely free BY Indonesian LAW …, to roam as you please anywhere from the “high tide mark / waters edge – and up to ” 100 metres inland ” (except for the airport of course )

    The hotel staff security often wrongfully claim this Free land as private property , & try to stop you from entering that free public land that these hotels have chosen to landscape at their own expence …., or try to force you around their “self claimed” area and this is wrong , and they have no power whatsoever to do this in any way /shape /or form .

    If this happens to you …, do not get angry at the low paid security guy trying to earn his wage to feed his family ( his boss made him tell you ) , nor get involved in an arguement – just smile and tell him the 100 metre rule (very smoothly ,confidently and CLEARLY and politely ) and “continue on your way through” . They cannot stop you , nor lay a finger on you, and if they do its assult and the police or tourist police will be on your side if that ever happened (only if you were polite ) …., but that will never happen, because they know they are in the wrong do try to enforce it, and they are only working on a Bluff .

    The latest culprit (and arch enemy to the natural landscape) is the new” HOTEL MULIA ” at Geger Beach ……, who are now falsely laying claim to owning the beach, and the MULIA trying to enforce a NO Access access through geger beach adjacent to the Mulia Hotel monstrocity…, plus , they have also taken away the public beach access from the community carpark / pura area . Ps – the folks @ the nusa dua bar and grill are the good guys , same with the local warungs at pantai Geger (and the seaweed farmers)The Hotel MULIA has breeched the 100 metre Law , and developed up to the waters edge and beyond with ungly man made creek (that stops public access to the beach) …, for their stormwater??? drain into the ocean and an ugly unatural rock groyne to keep the natural flow of sand away from their septic /rancid manmade creek

  21. Devo says

    Pantai geger great beach & great surf spot & yes the new MULIA hotel/resort is a bit of a environmental concern for what I consider one of the more cleaner surf spots in Bali, was surfing out there last week & another expat commented on a diesel smell in the water which was unusual for here! definitely think the creek was major factor to this which got me thinking how this massive hotel was going to impact one of my favourite surf spots;( as for staff on beach haven’t had issue only with a couple of others further north about 2 years ago! Will definitely be keeping the 100m rule in back pocket for future reference though if ever in this situation … Cheers

  22. Chris says

    MThe mulia is pumping waste water (human defecation) into the ocean daily. If you don’t believe this, go have a look at he river bed they created that runs under the hotel, next to the Nusa Dua Beach Grill. You can see the water at several locations being pumped into the river if you peer into the concrete tunnel. The smell, color of the water and filth bacteria is widely distributed & growing on the river bed rocks. It is not normal nor natural, in any other part of the world a ethical government would never have allowed this and would stop it immediate. It is killing the place for the local kids and the generations to come. Was also paddling yesterday in the line up and had for the first time ever, paddled through shit pockets coming down with the tidal flow.

  23. Baz says

    Sorry just a quick question I am 54 years old abot 95Kg and ride a Mini Mal 8 Ft where would be the best spot for me to surf in Bali Right handers preferably I have my 18year old son with me who is can surf a bit but we like swells approx. 3 to 5 foot
    Thanking you guys

  24. santacruz says

    Looking to do just a weekend in Bali for mid-Nov. Site says east coast(Nusa Dua/Keramas) of Bali is better but the forecasts show bigger swells on the west side (Uluwatu, Canggu).

    What’s my best bet for intermediate shortboard, comfortable with slightly overhead waves?


  25. Rafael says

    Hey, I will be in Bali from March 1-11 looking for hollow waves. It looks like there will be some swell in between, I am between going to Nusa Dua or Sanur, any recommendations? This is my first time there so I would appreciate the advice.

  26. Jag says

    Interesting to read the comments about the sewerage from the Mulia as we sailed to Bali in March 2010, and anchored off the Niko at Nusa Dua. Early hours of the morning the captain woke up cause the stink was off the scale. Looks like the Niko might be discharging their sewerage into the ocean in the early hours. Got sick as in 2009 paddling back across the Geger beach lagoon when I got a mouthful of water. Spat it out as best i could but spent the next 48 hours on the dunny with the worst diahorea I’d ever had.

  27. Scott Johnson says

    Hi coming in Oct. for a couple weeks. Places to rent boards? Looking for accommodations with surf close by. Nothing crazy 4 to 6 ft face just fine. Recommendations please for a villa for 2 or ?

  28. Ads says

    Will in bali in Feb and will staying over nusa dua way, don’t want to bring a board as only there a couple of days, where is the best place to rent a board? what will the conditions be like? Also i will have a mate with me who is only just starting out will he be ok out at Nusa Dua?

  29. Davo says

    Ads …, Nusa Dua is defiantly no place for those starting out !
    …, you need a very strong fitness level, and lots and lots of experience to surf that spot successfully.
    There are horrendous currents running non-stop, with thick powerful “legrope snapping” freak set waves that pop up out of nowhere due the the ocean floor dropping off to about 4 kilometres deep just outside the break.

    …., and if you DO get into trouble out there …, Remember you are nearly a kilometre from shore with no-one to save you !
    …., Even your friend who you paddled out with (or anyone else ) will be so far away from you when you get unstuck out there – due to the horrendous heavy currents , and the huge size of the playing field out there – Its guaranteed you will be on your own, and they wont even know where to start looking for you if they notice you have gone missing .
    …, Bottom line is ; If you are not a complete and competent “all round Waterman” – best advice is to stay away from that break, Nusa Dua has no mercy for the weak and the unfortunate ….., Thats the Bare bones TRUTH about Nusa Dua that they dont tell you in the tourist books.

  30. says

    Hi Adam, What “Davo” has typed is basically true if the swell is big. But if we happen to have small waves while your here it is a playground and probably the only place to find a wave. The big wave boys don’t bother surfing when it’s small so you and your friend will have a ball. Plus there are learner friendly waves not far away from the main break.

  31. Davo says

    cheers Slim , to be honest , Ive never seen the playground side you describe , as Im never bothered with it unless its been at least double overhead …, but I wanted to warn the inexperienced and unaware , that from the shore those waves breaking out there (ie; a long, long, long way out there ) …, actually appear to look like its a comfortable head high size from shore – when its actually double overhead or bigger !
    …, and I am constantly amazed by the huge amount of unprepared young tourists jumping of that boat and into the line up . when they finally see how big it really is, and totally Sh#t their pants (I can see the look their eyes) …, The first sets that come through “BANG” – thats the last you see of them , and all I can do is hope they made it in alright .

    But I felt the need to point this out because its the MAJORITY of surfers who catch that boat on those bigger days who ARE the inexperienced and unprepared and doing exactly as I just described …., and its naivety or stupidity (same thing) that they go out in conditions like that – way beyond their experience level and capabilities …., but sadly you see this all the time in Bali now (ie; people going out in surf that is beyond their skill levels, and often they will flounder around getting in the way – just inside of the main takeoff spot like “bowling pins waiting to get smashed by the bowling ball “(ie; a surfer trying to take off at the main peak) …, and all they do is get in the way, endangering others and themselves in the process.
    Its obvious these people didn’t have the support network we had (ie;getting constant guidance along the way) …, and the tourist guide books dont tell them anything (actually they tell the opposite – like; try your hand at surfing when you are on dream Bali holiday , you can rent a board at Uluwatu etc) , and many of these novices are from traditionally non-surfing nations who are now swarming with clueless beginner surfers … so all I can do is hope they learn from a website (like this one ) before they kill themselves (or me) and others .

  32. Abhi says

    Hi, I m planning to visit bali in Feb’15. Could anyone pl guide me about good learning spots in bali for surfing.

  33. Brez says

    is nusa dua and surrounding breaks like sri lanka good for bodyboarding? If not, is there more suitable breaks nearby? thanks

  34. Mick z says

    Hi there,
    Going to Nusa Dua in late June is the swell ok that time of year?? Ima intermediate surfer and looking fir 2-4 ft rights(ideally) and staying at the Malia resort what do you recommend?? Thanks in advance Mick

  35. says

    wrong time of the year for Nusa Dua Mick, you’ll be hear in our dry season, Nusa Dua works best now in the wet season

  36. Blue says

    Hi everyone

    My husband and I are coming to Nusa Dua for the first time and we are only beginner surfers, where is a good spot for us to learn and have teachers on hand to teach? Many Thanks

  37. Andy says

    Planning a visit to Nusa Dua in early April with the kids who love to surf. Is that a good time for surf?

  38. Nikko says

    Argh Nusa Dua Geger…

    the thorny crown of breaks in Bali.

    Dave…well said.

    for me by far the scariest wave on Bali….

    I love it but hate it when i am feeling unfit for any reason.

    learner head for Mushroom rock on the very far left of the bay.

  39. says

    scary, shifty and probably at it’s best when it’s over double head high plus, great fun when small and no where near the crowds of Keramas

  40. Fake says

    This is just another fake email from a fake email address generated by a very disturbed individual. If anyone can find out any details on this complete idiot with a perverted sense of reality please help out so we can help him get the proper medication / treatment.

    Thanks Crew

  41. Mick says

    If your a beginner and not fit your gonna get flogged here at nusa dua today it was 2-3 times over head with a huge period between sets plus a new moon , I paddled out at temples early got a couple before the first boat got dropped off , 3 random euros on begginer boards that couldnt duck dive they got dropped off in between the sets which were coming thru every 1/2 hour and started paddling into the main peak a massive set came and destroyed all 3 off them ones leggy snapped was freaking out plus the other 4 sets behind it
    I didn’t see them after that I tried to look I think they got washed Ito the lagoon hopefully

  42. Wan says

    How about early May? I don’t want double overhead. I know I’m not a very experienced surfer but just feel cool with waist to shoulder. Is it a good time to go down there?

  43. Jim says


    I have been to bali/Indonesia several times but never stayed on the nusa dua side. is there anywhere decent/cheap to stay over this side of the island near the breaks that is not a massive expensive resort? Preferably indonesian owned/run with a pool. around 200/300000 a night at most?

  44. says

    I’m sure there are plenty of cheaper places at Nusa Dua but you’ll have to look for them, just book 1 night somewhere and then spend a couple of hours looking for somewhere budget, too easy

  45. Christy Warren says

    Hi. I am visiting in April with teens. Husband and son and friend all surf although not regularly), daughter boogie boards and I’d like to know the best area where you can surf from the beach without having to take a boat. I think Nusa Dua area may be the right area for the season but have read conflicting reports. Thanks for your help

  46. says

    Arriving in bali in June and have never been to Nusa Dua. A friend has told me there is about 4 different breaks very close to each other?. This is the 1st time to Bali by myself and I would really like to know how good the surf is at Nusa Dua and the best place to stay where i can hangout with other surfers……cheers

  47. says

    Hi guys,

    I have just booked a last minute trip and have brought my board along.

    I’m scootering down to Nusa Dua tomorrow morning, but I wanted to get some advice on the boats, I’d much rather get a ride out there if I can but I’ve never been so I don’t know where best to ask or what I should be paying?

    Any help would be appreciated!!

  48. Newts says

    Hey. Im planning solo trip to Bali in Jan, staying in Canggu but as it is wet season i will be wanting to Surf Nusa Dua! Is there any easier or cheaper way than a hiring private driver? And if not, anyone wana share the fair? Or recomend a driver? Cheers big ears

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