There are two main reefs at Sanur, Sanur reef and Tandjung reef. To get there just follow the main road (Bye Pass Road) to Sanur and turn right at either of the two sets of traffic lights in Sanur.

Wet/Dry Season
Wet Season

Best Swell Direction

Best Size

Best Winds

Crowd Factor
These places need a lot of swell for them to work properly. If it’s maxing out at Nusa Dua you will find perfect right handers breaking at these spots. The locals here are very wave hungry and possesive of their waves which can make it hard to get waves when it’s under 5ft.



  1. Brendan says

    Hey Slim, awesome site, check it every day. Heading over to Bali just after New Years with the fam. Got a couple of young-uns who are just starting to get into surfing. We’re staying over at Sanur. Is there any other gentle breaks you’d recommend for young teenagers over that way? cheers Brendan

  2. Sallyann says

    Hi Slim, I to am like Brendan above and would like to know if there are any breaks suitable for young teenagers and a Mum similar to that at Huzza’s in Grace Town or Iso’s in Cottesloe. If you havent been to Perth then I am stufferd but more gentle reef breaks let say. Similar to out front of Oahu Hotel Breaks, obviously rides wouldnt be as long. But is there anything like this in Bali?

  3. Dean says

    Hey Sally, Jump in a car in Kuta and get to Medewi. Nice gentle rolling waves and the longest left in Bali. Its easy to get in and out of the water, and pretty simple to duck dive the sets. Its a couple of hours drive from Kuta, but well worth the trip as long as the wind is not howling, but you never get onshores like we do in Perth.

  4. greg says

    comin over jan 2012 i know sanur side is the go but will there be good mornin or afternoon waves legian area/wind ? thanks slim ;oh u doin good

  5. Peter says

    Hey I’m looking for a good place to surf im staying in tanjung benoa In that area can you help me

  6. Eggs says

    Going to bali in soon, staying in Sanur. I am a goofy footer and prefer going left. Any lefts around Sanur?

  7. Joey says

    I have been surfing for 4 years and I am around intermediate level. Would I be able to handle Sanur Reef?

  8. Simone says

    Hi !

    i´m going to bali december for three month. how big are my chances to have surf (every day prefered !!!) please let me know 🙂

  9. riley says

    hey there, just wondering how consistent is hyatt reef through the wet season, staying rught near it! and if not, what would be the best place for me to score some waves plus travel distance and all?

  10. Jo says

    Hi, we are thinking of heading to Bali in the July or August and wondering where the better surf breaks are at that time of year please?

  11. Ben says

    Hi, I was heading over to sanur for 2 weeks and it looks like the waves are only gonna be 2 foot most of the time, just wondering where the swell magnets are around sanur/keramas or the best places to surf in the small stuff?
    Thanks Ben

  12. Mitch says

    Hey there, staying in sanur for the week just wondering where best to surf?? Have surfed nusa dua many times but just wondering about Sanur and serangan… Are these as good as nusa dua?? Mainly looking for right handers.

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