Uluwatu is situated at the southern end of Bali, these days you can drive or ride all the way to the warungs on a sealed road. There are 4 different sections at Ulu; there’s Temples which is a long and hollow wave that works on the mid to high tide. The Peak right in front of the warungs in line with the cave also best on the high tide. Racetrack is a super fast but makeable barrel that works on the low tide, but gets seriously shallow. Outside corner is considered by many to be one of the best waves anywhere in the world, the corner won’t even start to break unless the swell is at least in the 8′ range, and then if your game you are in for one long and fast ride.

Wet/Dry Season
Dry Season – April/October

Best Swell Direction

Best Size
Will work on anything from 3-10′. Uluwatu is a swell magnet and rarely goes flat!!

Best Winds
SE Tradewinds

Crowd Factor
Ulu can get very crowded when the swell is in the 2-5ft range during the dry season, but when the corners breaking crowds are not much of a worry. Plus the crowds do tend to spread out between Temples and the Peak.



  1. go_right says

    Jean Pierre,

    Try slim at Tuban, clean rooms and close to the boats and kuta night life.

    See on this site for details –


  2. Roy says

    hey guys…can anyone recommend a cruisey longboard break. Am coming Oct 14…first trip. Too old for the shortie these days

  3. says

    Hi John, drop me an email (just hit one of the contact links on baliwaves) and I’ll help you get it sorted out.



  4. Dan says

    Arriving in Bali on Friday. Will need a driver for sat thru tues, what price should I pay each day To go to ulu and bingin etc

  5. says

    from where ? for how long each day ? with how many people ? do you have board straps ?
    These are just a few common questions a driver may ask ?

  6. Gerard says

    Hey Slim I’m finally recovering from our trip.
    want to thank you for all your hospitality and your knowledge about everything that made it easier for us. We all had an memorable vacation, Thanks again and hope to visit in the near future.

  7. says

    Hey Gerard !
    Man it was really nice to have great easy going guests like you, Daryl & Dennis, our doors are always open for you guys !

  8. Patrucs says

    There is some surfing at Uluwatu in December,January?
    I will travel to the island in this dates and I would like practice the surfing in this spot.

  9. Joel Fitzpatrick-Gibbons says

    Actually there is no water at Uluwatu at this time of year due to planetary alignment and karmic forces, how ever in northern Bali at Singaraja there is fabulous waves or better still at Ubud beach.Just take a cab straight from the airport.

  10. Mouse says

    I am coming to Bali – where is the accomodation hotel around the Temples break – please could someone help me .

    Mouse Billson
    Jeffreys Bay
    South Africa

  11. Roc says

    Hey Slim
    I have been told…that in Uluwatu there are good waves in the wet season in the all early mornings. It’s true?

  12. says

    It’s just something you can’t count on. Yes sometimes we can and sometimes it’s blown out. Normally to find the best waves through the wet season we have to wait and see which way the wind is blowing, how much swell we have, what tide we have, and then make a call on where to surf. Doesn’t matter where you “plan” on surfing / staying, you’ll more than likely still have to travel to find the best waves.

  13. Kenny says

    Just got back from surfing ulu’s it’s off tap one of
    the best best places ive surfed I’ll be back every tear from now on

  14. choller says

    which break would be good for us to go to SLIM? we are three chicks from the caribean, know how to surf, but not hard core(yet)… hahahaha

  15. jeremy williams says

    I am coming from germany and not surf a reef before, Will I get scratch if I take a big wipeout if I am surfing on my malibu, or should i ride my SUP? please explain my best optoin, maybe a board caddy. Thank you for advice.

  16. Davo says

    hahaha , you must be trolling , ill take your bait … bring your 1st aid kit jeremy , and get some swimming lessons too so after you get cut badly on the razor sharp reef, you can get out of the water quickly before the sharks smell the blood and eat you .

  17. Scott says

    I’m headed to Bali in a few days. Where would be a good place to go right now for clean, fun waves? Thanks!

  18. Timmmm says

    Hey just wondering where to paddle out i’ve heard of the cave and heard it can get pretty dicey in there any other suggestions? also is it worth buying booties?

  19. Davo says

    there was another way down near temples break ( 150 metres from the cave ) but the recent landslide from the heavy rains in march have washed it away . Its a deathtrap waiting to happen , as the grass roots are all thats holding the top of the track together , and its severely undermined .

    If you walk on it , the track will crumble beneath your feet sending you to a 75 metre drop to your death.

    If you think the cave is too dicey dude …, then you shouldnt be surfing at Ulus fullstop.

  20. muffintop says

    Wow, Im coming to Bali this week and it looks like there is some swell on tap! Yes! Ulu’s looks great for me cuz Im goofy. I never surfed here before, but I heard bad things about lots of dropins and agro locals and brazilians, lol. How is surfing Ulu’s nowdays?

  21. muffintop says

    Thats good to know they are friendly. So with all that dropping in, do fights ever occur? Im used to Cali, and people brawl all the time.

  22. says

    we see tourists wanting to fight each other all the time, on vacation in paradise….. go figure that ?

  23. Wife of Surfer says

    Ok. This is a fun(ny) site and I’ve no idea if I’ll get a straight answer but I’ll give it a crack. I don’t surf but hubby does and he wants us to got to Bali for his birthday (June) and stay somewhere on a surf beach, kid friendly for 3yo and 1yo. And massages for me? Anyone have any ideas to keep us all happy ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  24. John Everett says

    Has anyone heard anything about a drowning at Uluwatu on July 17, 2012? I was there and tried to help what appeared to be a drowning victim at around 6:30 that morning. A board was tombstoning in the impact zone and broke free just as I paddled over, myself and another surfer searched for a person but never found anyone.

  25. Eddie Mateiwai says

    Heyo…will be in Bali in 4weeks.. Anyone can advice me of board hire and where I can do that from..possibly all available sources would be great. Fiji Surfers touring the neighbours ๐Ÿ˜‰

  26. Chris says

    Hi all,

    Quick question. How ‘good’ do you need to be to surf Uluwatu? I’m a British surfer so I’m normally always surfing in 5ft mess in freezing cold water. But I can crack out a few tricks. Main thing I am worried about is the paddle out. However with the temperatures over there (water included) I can’t see me struggling too bad as I won’t be getting sloshed around in 5C water! What you reckon guys and girls?

  27. bevan says

    visiting euro’s who have no surf ettiquite; learning to surf in bali teaches you to drop-in. Understandable but sad. there are some nice people, but i do feel they are using up their good karma pretty quick.
    so don’t emulate the surfing here in bali, remain polite, don’t drop-in, and enjoy.

  28. Marcus says

    Hey! I’m going for a surf trip in Bali in a few weeks and I’m just wondering , should I be nervous surfing ulu do many people get hurt or cut here on a daily basis, I like to think I’m a alright surfer . THANKS!

  29. Adrian says

    Marcus… Hit Uluwatu bro, peak is sweet, straight out in front of warungs. Its a mellow section when 3-4ft. Hit it bro, you’ll love it.

  30. macca says

    i am bringing into bali 5 surfboards for personal use and not to sell..i have heard i will be hit by customs at the airport to pay duty on every board after 3..anybody know how much it will cost me for the other 2 boards..
    thanks mac.

  31. Sacky says

    Hi all, what level of expertise is recommended for anyone who wanted to surf ulu’s – keen grommet

  32. Kate says

    any recommendations on where to stay for a couple clean, not party location please

  33. Germany7 says

    Don’t buy boards at Doctor Ding Shop in Uluwatu. Thieves.
    Broken boards are sold like new ones painted at high prices.

  34. says

    I think that’s up to the person buying a board to be able to tell if a board has been snapped or not before… it’s not hard to notice the difference. That’s standard to re paint a broken board, but you can’t hide the extra weight of the repaired board ?

  35. OkinawaJoe says

    Slim – Mahalo for the rich info on the site. Much appreciated! Travelling from Okinawa to Bali at the end of the month. I’ve surfed the Mentawais back in ’06, though this’ll be my first trip to Bali. Looking forrward to surfing Ulus … Okinawa is all top to bottom fast reefs, dry reef at low tide … I hear I will get spoiled once I surf Ulu. Will bring a humble attitude and good manners. Let me know if you advise anything else ๐Ÿ˜‰ Mahalo!

  36. says

    Hey Joe,

    Sounds like your already in the know my man !!!

    Any local also loves a free beer or two ๐Ÿ™‚

    Next time come and stay at my place in Tuban, we surf all over the island when ever we can.


  37. OkinawaJoe says

    Slim – Thanks much for the invite. Would love to take you up on that. We’re staying at Un’s the first night, Thursday / Friday 28 / 29 then going wherever the swell takes us after that. Feel free to drop me a line via email, and it would be my pleasure to pay forward a little respect for your generous contribution to the surf community in the form of a couple o’ coldies.
    Aloha ~ Joe

  38. GIA says

    uluwatu is beautiful never ever because the waves so awesome so i would like to visit again if i had a chance greetngis from aussie

  39. Maria says

    Hey Slim! We are going in August and we looking for a car that can carry our surf board.. What do you recommend? Xxx maria

  40. Dan says

    Do people ride longboards when the surf gets a little bigger say in the overhead + range at Ulu or only when smaller?

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