Swell Forecast

Hello surfers, Baliwaves has been providing surf reports and forecasts since 1999, in an effort to help take the guess work and speculation out of your surf trip.

We have created this page to help direct you to resources to help you predict when the next swell is going to hit.

Surf Forecast from Wavewatch

StormSurf Models

Indonesia Surf Height, Wind and Swell Direction
Indonesia Swell Period
Indonesia Surf Height

Buoyweather Models

Java Virtual Buoy Map
Bali Virtual Buoy Details


  1. Pooh bear says

    Hello, have just started to stand on an 8ft board being still on my beginner plates, what beach would you suggest around April?

  2. daddy says

    When the season changes. Look at wet and dry season on google retard. Lifes not that hard.

  3. Alex says

    Hey Guys! had anyone surfed at Medewi? Is it a good place to improve a beginner’s skills? Thanks.

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