West Coast to East Coast 20th-21st December 2011

21st December 2011
Hello everyone and a big thanks for joining us here on the baliwaves ’99 for the latest news on surfing and weather conditions from here on the friendliest little tropical surfing holiday destination of Bali.

Ok yesterday we did have a bit of a wave hunt and ended up down at Uluwatu. Unfortunately wave height was only just in the waist to waist high plus with the wind light on shore out of the S-SSW.

This mornings surf check on the Outer Reefs here in Tuban was showing, or rather not showing with only a few ripples breaking between Kuta Reef and Airport Left. Surfing conditions at 6.45AM were clean with the wind coming lightly out of the N-NW @ 2-3knot. As it shows in today’s gallery we took our crew back over to Serangan to hopefully find some waves. The wind was already cross shore by 10.00AM but a few left and right handers to break up the crowd of 35+ surfers in the water.

We’ll probably be getting up for the dawn patrol tomorrow morning and hopefully our new swell should  be there waiting for us to enjoy her, so stay tuned to the one and only original Bali surf report.

Tidal info for today had us down for a 1.5mtr High @ 7.00AM and then running out to a 0.8mtr Low around the 10.00noon mark.

Weather wise it’s been a nice and hot old day here on the holiday island. Temperature wise right now at 4.30Pm the mercury is sitting on 30 degree’s Celsius with the wind coming out of the W-WSW @ 8-10knot+.

Alrighty then that’s about us for today, time to get the BBQ ready for tonight’s little seafood fiesta. Everyone’s invited !

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Best Regards from Bali


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