Indonesia’s WQS Warrior Dede Suryana making the news at the 6 Star ASP World Tour SriLankan Airlines Pro 2010

2008 Coca-Cola ISC Pro Surfing Champion Dede Suryana from West Java is making big news with an impressive display of radical surfing at the 6 Star ASP World Tour SriLanakan Airlines Pro at Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka.   Suryana hails from the small coastal town of Cimaja in West Java, about 5 hours drive away from Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta, but considers Bali as his … [Read more...]

The Man: Peter McCabe – Surfing Legend

Peter McCabe

The man has been telling me things for over 25 years now. Secret things I guess you could say. Anyways I wish I had kept them secret. First he told me about a place down from Ulu called Padang Padang. Well I said, doesn't it get smaller further down the Bukit like that. Usually it does, he says, but sometimes it don't. Well if you know anything about the surf in Bali, you know … [Read more...]