I Gusti Nyoman Lempad – The 116 Year Old Balinese Artist

I Gusti Nyoman Lempad was a Balinese artist that lived to approximately 116 years. It's not know exactly when he was born, but it was around 1862 and he died in 1978. The way he died is quite remarkable, it is well documented that he chose the day on which he was going to die months in advance and on that day he called his descendants together, asked them to bath and dress … [Read more...]

7 Spectacular Bali Temples

Bali is know as the "island of a thousand temples".  You can't get to see all of them while you're in Bali, but you should try and get to see some of them!  Here's a selection of 7 of the best / most popular temples on Bali. When visit temples please respect the local customs.  Proper dress is encouraged, if you wear long pants or a long skirt you will need a sash tied … [Read more...]

Upacara untuk Dukung baru

Upacara untuk Dukung baru

As most travelers to Bali would know that never a day will pass without the Balinese making offerings of fruit, rice, fish, flowers etc along with the sweet smell of burning incense. It's there way of thanking their gods for making every day possible! Along with the every day offerings there are also many other "special occasions" for asking for their god's blessing. Just about … [Read more...]

Teeth Cutting / Filing


For those of us who have already turned 18 fun times indeed for the lucky ones, and for those who are soon to become "of legal age" pretty exciting stuff hey. If your a lucky one you may end up with a new car, big party or at least you will be able to go and party on with your friends. With the very very old custom of the Hindu when a person turns 18 he or she is also to be … [Read more...]

Kite Surfing & Wind Surfing – Destination Indonesia

Above the lip

For ten years now I have been cursing that wind. Yeah, year after year, at any time of the year it can strike. I've called it the "devil wind" and "the breath of Satan" more times than I care to recall. Right again I'm a surfer, and it's been my life. 32 years ago I received my first real surfboard and have made my life revolve around the Ocean. I also thought that surfing … [Read more...]

Lombok : July – August 2000


Well guys/girls we all know quite well the island of Lombok, which is only around 50 odd miles east of Bali, has been undergoing a bit of turmoil from time to time. Apart from reading about incidents and actual happenings I didn't know what the real situation was like. I had not heard from one person or even knew of one person that had been staying on land and not lazing about … [Read more...]