NIAS SURF REPORT 17-24 April, KabuNohi Sorake Resort by MF

NIAS SURF REPORT 17-24 April by Mark Flint of KabuNohi Sorake Resort Monday 17 Apr: Onshore fades with a big rainstorm and the arvo glass off, 3-4 slow surf to end the week. Tuesday 18 Apr: Early morning from the deck sees similar surf conditions to late Monday surf. Another early morning rain shower dampens down the swell but it’s remaining 3-4 foot on the outside peak … [Read more...]

More afternoon perfection from Bingin, 27th April 2016

Bingin beach / Bali / Indonesia 26th April 2016 Thanks again to ESP (Ego Surf Photography) for delivering another batch of photos that they shot down at Bingin Beach yesterday. Featuring the mechanically perfect waves that peel off on the low tide. Make sure you say hello to the boys at ESP next time your down at Bingin. … [Read more...]

Bingin Barrel (ESP) 25th April 2016

Bingin beach / Bali / Indonesia 25th April 2016 Thanks again to our friends at Ego Surf Photography located down at Bingin beach for dropping off another batch of photos. Featuring a very nice wave ridden very nicely. I'd imagine that Bingin in cranking as I speak right now (5.00pm / 0.4L @ 6.00pm). Make sure you say hello to the boys at ESP next time your down at … [Read more...]

An afternoon at Bingin, 24th April 2016

Bingin beach / Bali / Indonesia 24th April 2016 Lucky us thanks to the crew at ESP (Ego Surf Photography) down at Bingin beach for another photo installment that was dropped off to us this morning. When the conditions all come together you know there are going to be mechanical waves peeling off at Bingin, these photos were shot yesterday. Make sure you say hello to the boys … [Read more...]

Aura Surf Resort, North Sumatra 27th March 2016

Aura Surf Resort Mentawai Islands 26th March 2016 The past 2 weeks have been firing at Aura Surf Resort with some epic Peak sessions and some other secret spots pumping. Only Aura can get you to these unknown waves. Want to check out these waves then drop an email here [email protected]   … [Read more...]

Damai Bungalows Sumatra 24th March 2016

Damai Bungalows, South Sumatra 24th March 2016 The last couple of days had us in the middle of a major storm system that bought with it driving rain and strong onshore winds, enough to bring down a major tree on top of 2 rooms around 11pm, up the ladder we went in pitch black and heavy storm conditions to replace roof tiles for the guests, all was sorted quickly and the … [Read more...]

Aura Surf resort Sumatra Indonesia 22nd February 2016

Aura Surf Resort February 22nd 2016 Surf has been small but clean with a few epic sessions at the Peak. Thanks to our friends at the Aura Surf Resort up in Sumatra / Indonesia for another batch of photos. An by the look of these photos there's definitely no shortage of waves in there vicinity. But I can't see too many surfers in these photos !! Hopefully we'll be seeing … [Read more...]

Water view from Uluwatu thanks to Lucas

Thanks again to our buddy Lucas Palma for sending us through some more of his water photography photos, keep them coming bro we love them. Check more from Lucas instagram: and website: … [Read more...]

East Coast Bali, water view 6th February 2016

Here's another collection of surfing photos our friend Lucas Palma sent through to us with a different angle and perspective on the waves and surfers. We hope you like it cause we sure do Check more of Lucas's photos on these sites Cheers Bro love your photos … [Read more...]

Bingin has been doing it’s thing again, yewww !

Bingin beach / Bali / Indonesia 31st August 2015 Hello everyone and thanks to our friends at ESP (Ego Surf Photography) for dropping off another collection of photos from Bingin. The action doesn't stop when Bingin when it's on. Bingin gets best on the low tide making it a more experienced surfers type of wave but there are other waves in the area for all level of … [Read more...]