KabuNohi Sorake Resort – Surf Report 5th – 12th March 2017.

KabuNohi Sorake Resort – Surf Report 5 to 12 March 2017. Sun 5th March: Medium to Small Kiddies Corner clean glassy offshore conditions We welcome our first ever KabuNohi Sorake Resort guests. Father and Son, Ini and Daniel. On arrival, they were straight to the viewing deck and stoked with the view and with surf so close, no mucking around KabuNohi Surf Guide takes them to … [Read more...]

Damai Bungalows (secret) South Sumatra 23rd November 2016

Damai Bungalows, South Sumatra 23rd November 2016 " With our special friend Malla marrying Barry in Ubud on the 25th this is the final update for season 7. Our last guests also leave tomorrow bringing the curtains closed for what has been a busy, entertaining year. For sure 2016 was a wild ride throughout Indo with occassional unseasonal winds and weather patterns, but for … [Read more...]

Damai Bungalows South Sumatra 10th November 2016

Damai Bungalows, South Sumatra 10th November 2016 "after 7 season's we've finally bought a decent camera LoL, so expect alot more reports from up this beautiful part of the world... Krui Lampung Sumatra..... To say it's been a mixed bag up here lately is being a bit kind, the wet season definitely arrived early that bought unseasonal winds and rain. Those in the know have … [Read more...]


Aura Surf Resort Mentawai Islands 11th May Here's another sick collection of photos the crew at Aura Surf Resort up in Sumatra have sent through to us. Featuring some of the countless waves that have rolled through in April. So if your looking for somewhere new and un crowded to surf and explore get up there. Want to check out these waves then email Andy … [Read more...]

Mechanical Bingin 16th April 2016

Bingin beach / Bali / Indonesia 16th April 2016 Hello everyone and thanks to our friends at ESP (Ego Surf Photography) for dropping off another collection of photos from Bingin. It looks like the boys have been scoring some pumping waves down at the ever mechanical waves of Bingin. Make sure you drop in and say hello to the crew at ESP photography located right in front of … [Read more...]

Damai Bungalows South Sumatra, 4th April 2016

Damai Bungalows, South Sumatra 4th April 2016 " Early season surf has been pretty typical over the last week, from small to overhead depending on the tides, direction out of the SW which has meant when it pulses the points have been lining up nice,  not a lot of crew around which has meant the wave magnets as well as the premier breaks have all been quite uncrowded. Winds … [Read more...]

Secret Sumatra, Damai Bunglows 9th March 2016

Damai Bungalows, South Sumatra 9th March 2016 Surf wise up here we've just come off a fairly major flat spell that left the name breaks begging for waves, but we got our guests into some great waves at the wave magnets, some known, some still off the radar, a bit of local knowledge and taking a punt has put us onto some great waves with other camps guests going round in … [Read more...]

Aura Surf Resort Simeulue Island photos

Thanks to our friends at the Aura Surf Resort up in Simeulue located up the very northern end of the Mentawai Islands chain of Sumatra / Indonesia. An by the look of these photos there's definitely no shortage of waves in there vicinity. Hopefully we'll be seeing some more photos from the crew at Aura Check them out at  www.aurasurfresort.com … [Read more...]

Round 2, Padang Padang & Uluwatu 28th June 2015

BALI 28th June 2015 BIG SUNDAY (part 2) Ok as promised we have delivered the second past of our photographic efforts from yesterday's mega swell that smacked into the Southern end of Bali Indonesia. These last 120 or so photos again feature some of the best tube riding from our local Indonesian surfers and not too mention some giant waves breaking at Uluwatu. I tell ya cliff … [Read more...]

Quicksilver Canggu Challenge Day 1 20th June 2015

QUIKSILVER CANGGU CHALLENGE Canggu 20th June 2015 Hi folks so yesterday while I was catching up on some R&R out at Middle Reef with a couple of friends I had Ketut and our 600mm lens up at Canggu to cover day 1 of the Quiksilver Canggu Challenge event. As it shows in Ketut's photos there were some very nice waves coming through for the first day of 2 at Canggu. With so … [Read more...]