Outer Reefs of Tuban, Balangan & Canggu, 29th – 30th September 2014

29th - 30th September 2014

Hi everyone, and welcome back to your baliwaves today (the original Bali surf report website since 1999) for the latest news and best views on surfing and weather conditions from right here on the only sane choice for your next tropical surfing holiday, Bali.

Yesterday the 29th and my crew and I were up the coast a little ways from here in Tuban at Canggu. We arrived just after 9.00PM as the tide was starting to push in to find wave height in the 2-3ft range with maybe a couple of 4ft freak sets thrown in. Crowd wise it wasn't too bad, but still so common these days, there are just those certain type of surfers that still have to drop in no matter how many surfers are in the water. The opening photos and a hell of lot more in the 59 strong photo gallery feature young Aussie ripper Nathan Horwood who has been surfing with us the last couple of days.

Today the 30th and my 7.00AM surf check on the Outer reefs of Tuban (re - Twitter) was showing wave height to have improved into the 3-4ft+ range between Kuta reef and Airport left. Surfing conditions were shaping up nicely with a light off shore wind and the tide just coming off the bottom of the Low.

But, we opted to head back down South to Balangan where we knew we'd be finding slightly bigger waves and way less crowded. And that's about how it was with 3-5ft+ waves peeling off the middle section with clean off shore wind. There were around 15 surfers in the water when we arrived and maybe 45+ when we packed up at 2.00PM. I'll have those photos ready for ya's by tomorrow fingers crossed. Cause right now I've gotta start getting the BBQ ready for some fresh fish to grill and some cold Bintangs to drink with my guests, feel free to drop by.

Weather wise today nothing more than blue sky around the West Coast of Bali with midday temperature of 31 degree's Celsius.

More waves again tomorrow so stay tuned right here to the baliwaves.com

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