Sunday’s Session @ Uluwatu, 29th April 2012

29th - 30th April 2012
Hello surfers and a very big thank you for taking the time out to stop by the (since'99) to catch up on what's been happening here on your first choice tropical surfing holiday destination of Bali.

I'm just going to start off from yesterday, Sunday the 29th as our day was full with the Balinese community here in Tuban sending off our dear friend on his final journey on the 28th. And I must say there were thousands upon thousands of Gede's friends and family turning up for his final ceremony with Kartika Plaza street (blocked off to all traffic) full from one end to the other.

This current batch of photos, only a token 78 in total were shot down at Bali's Premier surfing location of Uluwatu yesterday. I'm just going to let you check them out as I haven't even begun to download today's hundreds more photos from today yet (currently 6.45PM here in Bali). These new one's I'll be showing you tomorrow while we are back out there gathering more Bali waves for ya's to reminis or drool over. So make sure you stay in touch with the Bali you know right here on the Premier Bali surfing website.

Just a quick one on a touchy subject, while my Balinese friends and I taking care of our dear friends final moments on this Earth I was being bombarded with abuse from a fellow named Richard (Rich) Briggs who calls himself a Hawaiian. Claiming that and myself are just here in Bali to "leach the Balinese dry of all their wealth" plus some pretty nasty comments about my Balinese family.... Rich, if you only knew that I live in a rented house (on credit from some of my local friends) renting on credit a car, not with thousands of dollars to spend at my leisure and living as close to the Balinese as I can (being a full religious member of my Balinese Banjar). Everything I own Rich is from my own hands and my own brain. Rich I'm sure you have a brain, but I don't think you have learnt how to use it properly yet.

Ok sorry about this last paragraph, just letting you good folk know what I have to put up with, usually at the start of every "dry season" by at least one sour hearted expat of some description.

Stay tuned if you want to keep in touch with Bali, right here on the baliwaves.

For any of you that just want nothing more than a hassle free, get up and go surf perfect waves every morning (pending Huey), see and do what the hotel / resort sect don't. Well we have some new surfing / accommodation packages that will have you at the right location at the right time everyday. All deals include your own photographer at no extra cost. Hit this info link to find out more. Limited space, so get in early or you'll be doing it the hard way.

We also have a few "Home Stay" type rooms available for any of our viewers looking for some clean and tidy accommodation here in Tuban. all rooms are air conditioned, including breakfast for Rp225,000 per night, or Rp275,000 for couples. Plus 1 room that's  fan cooled for Rp150,00 per night. Surfers need to apply, party animals head for Kuta.

Feel free to contact us via email about your next trip to Bali and we might just be able to help make it run a little smoother for you.

Best Regards from Bali


Disclaimer; accepts no responsibility for absenteeism, day dreaming, depression, lethargy, alcoholism, jealousy, black magic or loss of wages. Any reference or resemblance to real living people in these reports are purely co incidental.

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