Baliwaves Tee by Matt Allen

Some of you may remember a surf brand called The Ryde, that was Matt Allen. We asked Matt to come up with a creation for a tee inspired on the Bali vibe. He came up with this absolutely beautiful piece which to us represents the Balinese flow in a simple yet pure way: the vibration of the ocean and the calmness of the Balinese people. The perfect balance between constant … [Read more...]

New Camera Fund

Thanks for taking the time to see what we have going on, I'm thinking it would be good to have another camera (Cannon 7D) so we can shoot photos and video clips everytime we are on the road. So if anyone could lend a helping hand in the aquisitioning of such apparatus please drop us a line and we'll tell you how to contribute. Any amount you could spare will help big time, … [Read more...]

Where are they now?

The new baliwaves has been up for about 1 month now, and all seems to be going well.  We've had a few questions about where things have moved to, so I thought a post updating you on everything baliwaves would be in order. 1.  Surf Gallery. Well it is finally up - there's over 3000 images in the gallery.  We've got the wipeouts, kuta cam, readers pics, bodyboarding gallery … [Read more...]

The New Baliwaves

Welcome to the new baliwaves! It has been a long while in the planning and execution, but it is finally here. We hope you like it. There is still a lot of work to be done on it so any comments, suggestions are welcome. Also if you find any bugs, please let us know. Make sure you subscribe to our reports via RSS or via email - more information is on the subscription … [Read more...]