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  • […] Images of Bali […]

  • julio ernesto cordones denis republic of panama Says:

    so beautiful images of bali paradise

  • Talina Says:

    Hi, I was surfing at Kerames on Monday and there was a photog in the water that said he was working for you guys, I was wondering if you could post those shots because I got a barrel in front of him and he said he got the shot.

  • ron fletcher Says:

    Where’s the tide chaqrt ???

  • ron fletcher Says:

    where is the tide chart??

  • slim Says:

    on the tide chart page, “surfing in Bali” (please)

  • moondog Says:

    tim moore is carbon man. he will save the world.

  • Hal Handley Says:

    Thought you might be interested in the (first?) bodysurfari to the Mentawai islands next week. Five world class bodysurfers from California, Sydney and Hawaii are gathering in Bali four days before the “trek” to Awera Island. We’ll be staying around Ulu’s at Sandat Mas. Come and say hi. Any interest in shooting some pics?

  • slim Says:

    Hey Hal, I’d like to catch up and shoot some video of your crew, drop me an email through the website “contact” link

  • greg Says:

    Gday i was in bali 2 weeks ago and got some good waves a kerumis (10/07/09) i was wondering if any of the photograaphers on the beach have websites?? so i could see some of the pics to buy cheers greg

  • Steve Says:

    Hey, don’t mean to be cheeky but where bout’s in Bali are those right’s? I’m going in May and would definitely check that spot out. (above)

  • Atila Lemos Says:

    Slim, can you put photos, August 2009, from Uluwatu, I was there between 03 to 15 of August, Terimakasi, Bagus.

  • julio ernesto cordones denis republic of panama Says:

    really bali is bali wonderful place to surfing and to surfers around the world .

  • monkeyman Says:

    Are you guys aware that you’re gallery titles have the wrong year in them? Well I presume the latest gallery group should read JUN10

  • slim Says:

    Nope I think they are the right years :)

  • dh Says:

    I would have hoped Monkey man was right. A link saying todays gallery in the email directs you to this page. What…the latest gallery is over a year old?

  • dh Says:

    My apologies. Found the link to todays gallery under the obvious heading ‘recent posts’. My missus always tells me to open my eyes and look before I ask where something is. Might need to start taking her advice.

  • slim Says:

    no worries DH, glad your up to date :)


  • greg Says:

    if i dont bring board best places to rent good one ?just in case

  • Buzz Says:

    Hi i’m looking for the best period to find glassy and easy waves (no bastard closeouts..), on the west coast for a relaxing longboard holiday (9,2-9,6ft..).
    I mean closeouts or a mid-pumping day in Canggu are out of my way..
    every advice is welcomed tnx.

  • Buzz Says:

    Hey guys many links to the galleries seems to be wrong..
    fix them plz.

  • Mike Says:


    I would suggest around 2 weeks after Easter till June or September till October as the best months for surfing in Bali. As a general rule I have found that both times a year when the winds go from dry season trades to wet season trades is the best. The beauty of Bali is you can surf both sides of the peninsular depending on the wind so it always good somewhere.
    For you I would try Batu Bolong (Old Man’s) which is the next wave south of the Canggu Reef. It’s a great Mal wave and can get pretty good on the right tide. Get their early from like 6am, and you will score on a mid to high tide. Medewi: It’s situated on the North Coast and can be very good when it’s small in Kuta, but it’s a long dangerous car trip. Bingin: It can be a great Mal wave when it’s 2-3 ft. My favorite wave in Bali! Kuta Reef is a great Mal wave and not too hard on the right tide and swell direction. Sarangan is also pretty easy but at bigger sizes takes commitment. Big take off area so at least you will always get waves. Best when Kuta is on-shore. There is also a freaky spot near J Bay, when on big swells goes off, but I will leave that one for you to find as it’s a sacred local spot. P.S Don’t leave anything in your bike at this spot as the locals will generally have a look under your seat. However with all breaks in Bali, Just Show Respect and you will get the waves of your life!

  • slim Says:

    Kuta Reef is no good at all for long boards / mals, razor sharp reef and double suck take offs. Stick to “old mans” with the mal, there’s already enough obstacles in the water at Kuta Reef

  • trimmaster Says:

    ill be there in a year, tinson and long time no see bristo.
    getting me quiver together.

  • romero Says:

    Slim your a legend,I tried to surf kuta reef yesterday but had no idea I should not have been out there as it was way too powerful for a learner surfer like me, So I’d like to say any of you other learners like me should stay down on the beach breaks and stick to the foamies until we get good enough. is still my favourite website and daily check. Thnx Slim and baliwaves crew

  • chris Says:

    howzit guys.
    ill be coming over from south africa for my honeymoon in december 2014.
    been surfing a while now, any advise for surf locations and hotels for a 2-3 week stay?
    how expensive is it to rent a board there?

  • Andy Smith Says:

    Hi, I wanted to inquire if you did any surf photography at all and the price/dates. Thanks.

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